'Botox' is latest cure for bad breakups

More women and some men are now opting for botox as a cure to get through a bad breakup, it has been revealed.

Katie Price to go under knife again
Katie Price to go under knife again

Former glamour model Katie Price is planning to go under the knife after two pregnancies in two years left her 'saggy'.

Botox may hinder emotional growth of youngsters: Study

The famous non-surgical cosmetic procedure Botox has a negative side to it. The wrinkle smoothing injections may affect emotional growth of young people, said experts.

Botox may slow tumor growth in stomach cancer: Study

Botox has frozen the faces of countless Hollywood stars, and international researchers said Wednesday the toxic injections might also be able to stop cancer in its tracks, at least temporarily.

Nothing wrong with Botox, says Kate Hudson

Actress Kate Hudson has shared her opinion on anti-ageing and admits she wouldn`t say no to Botox.

Katie Price not worried about ageing

British model Katie Price is looking forward to growing older and wearing nappies like "most old people".

I am a botox fan: Mel C

Singer Mel C has admitted that she is a fan of Botox and is trying to limit how often she gets the injections.The 40-year-old singer is not averse to having the injections to get rid of wrinkles but is trying not to get addicted to them, reportedly.

Robin Wright admits to Botox

Robin Wright, who is engaged to Ben Foster, 14 years her junior, says she goes for “tiniest sprinkle of Botox twice a year”.

Now, Botox for controlling incontinence

Better known as the miracle aid to fight wrinkles that come with age, Botox is now used to treat incontinence - a condition in which one loses bladder control, leading to involuntary urination - that affects both women and men.

All you want to know about Botox

There is a surging demand for facelifts, cosmetic surgeries and quick fix skin treats etc, but what has caught utmost attention of the beauty conscious is the word ‘Botox’. Not only amongst actors, celebrities, models or high profile socialites, but this term has caught the fancy of the ordinary middle class people as well.

Protein can lead to drug treatments for chronic pain

Scientists have created a new bio-therapeutic molecule that could be used to treat neurological disorders such as chronic pain and epilepsy.

Kate Winslet wants to age gracefully

Actress Kate Winslet is against plastic surgery to reduce wrinkles and says she wants to grow old gracefully.

Now, plant pill that can reduce wrinkles

Ladies, your dream of popping a pill that can make you look younger may finally come true!

Bladder botox could help treat incontinence

England`s drugs watchdog has said that botox injections can now be offered as a treatment for urinary incontinence.

Filmfare awards, covers never enough: Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor has featured on the cover of the movie magazine Filmfare almost 20 times, and she has also won six Filmfare awards - but she says any association with the brand is never enough.

Botox can help treat more than just wrinkles

Botox, which is best known as a cosmetic treatment for frown lines, can also effectively treat the after effects of Bell`s palsy and other serious facial nerve problems.

I will never use Botox to stay young, says Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has vowed never to undergo invasive surgery to preserve her youthful looks.

Youngsters warned against botox fad before turning 30

Doctors have warned that youngsters who may like to act older than their age, shouldn`t undergo using Botox and fillers until they are 30.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian still having botox?

Socialite Kim Kardashian, who is expecting her first child, is reportedly so obsessed with her looks that she is undergoing botox treatment even during her pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian using Botox to stay young

Pregnant reality TV star Kim Kardashian is reportedly getting Botox injections to keep her skin smooth.