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BP gets govt nod to set up retail pumps of petrol, diesel in India

BP gets govt nod to set up retail pumps of petrol, diesel in India

BP Plc, Europe's third-biggest oil company, has received government approval to set up petrol pumps to retail petrol and diesel in India.

Hindu men vandalize Rawana idol in UP's Greater Noida, FIR filed

A criminal case has been registered against some Hindu holy men after they allegedly vandalized a Rawana idol in a temple here.

Diet designed to lower BP cuts risk of kidney disease too

This diet, known as DASH for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, was designed primarily to reduce blood pressure.

BP shareholders reject pay deal for chief executive Bob Dudley

BP shareholders reject pay deal for chief executive Bob Dudley

Only 40.89 percent voted in favour of the deal in a non-binding vote which highlighted shareholder discontent at BP`s annual general meeting in London.

US court approves $20 billion BP oil spill settlement

US court approves $20 billion BP oil spill settlement

The approval of the deal Monday by the federal district judge in Louisiana took the overall legal process over one of the worst oil pollution cases in history closer to final resolution.

BP signals willingness to take back arbitration

BP signals willingness to take back arbitration

After the oil ministry's tough talk, BP of the UK has signalled its desire to end arbitration seeking higher prices for natural gas from eastern offshore KG-D6 block that it co-owns with Reliance Industries.

BP slumps into $6.5bn loss for 2015 on oil collapse

BP slumps into $6.5bn loss for 2015 on oil collapse

British energy giant BP Tuesday said that it slumped into a vast loss in 2015, ravaged by the dramatic collapse in oil prices.

Now, type more to cut-down blood pressure

If you are often nabbed by your parents for text messaging, then you must make them read this article as a new study has revealed that typing could help reduce blood pressure.

BP gets approval to sell jet fuel to airlines in India

After nearly two years of wrangling, BP plc has won an 'in-principle' approval to retail aviation turbine fuel (ATF) to airlines in India.

Omron launches BPM with Intellisense technology

 Omron Healthcare India has launched two new Blood Pressure Monitors (BPM) with Intellisence technology that enables the devices to inflate and deflate at the optimum level for each individual user, offering accurate reading.

Inherited sleep, activity measures linked to bipolar disorder

In the first study of its kind, scientists have identified 13 inherited traits related to sleep, wake and activity cycles that are associated with severe bipolar disorder. Researchers also were able to tie the traits to specific chromosomes, providing important clues to the genetic nature of the disorder, as well as potential new avenues for prevention and treatment.

Transcendental meditation lowers BP, heart and mortality risks

Since the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of the enzyme telomerase in 1984, identifying other biological molecules that lengthen or shorten the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes has been slow going.

Aggressive blood pressure control could help millions: Study

A more aggressive approach to lowering blood pressure could help millions of people over age 50, according to the results of a major US study published Monday.

Is your neighbourhood BP-friendly?

This is the first study to determine whether moving to a walking-friendly neighborhood affected blood pressure.

Cholesterol-lowering diet also reduces BP

A diet developed for reducing cholesterol also lowers blood pressure, new research has found.

Lower the systolic BP, lesser the risk of hypertension complication

LVH, the enlargement and thickening of the walls of the left ventricle, the heart's main pumping chamber, is associated with an increased risk of heart failure, stroke and even sudden cardiac death.

Know if your child is at risk of hypertension!

People who have a risk of developing high blood pressure between the age of 35-38, can be diagnosed in childhood.

BP management can reduce heart disease death

Maintaining blood pressure at a lower than currently recommended level can significantly reduce risk of death due to cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and heart failure, as well as stroke, new research led by an Indian-origin doctor suggests.

What's killing us? Poor diet, high BP top risk factors

A new study has revealed that poor diet and high blood pressure (BP) are now number-one risk factors for death.

High-protein diet lowers blood pressure too

Eating high-levels of certain proteins found in meat and plant-based foods can lower blood pressure and arterial stiffness leading to better heart health.