Schizophrenia a group of eight distinct disorders: Study

The debilitating psychiatric illness schizophrenia is not a single disease but a group of eight genetically distinct disorders - each with its own set of symptoms, new research indicates.

Clue for deadly brain disease found in worms

In a first, researchers have replicated a rare but deadly human brain disease in nematode worms and successfully treated it with a drug called resveratrol, suggesting a cure could be found for humans.

30 die of encephalitis in north Bengal

Thirty people died due to encephalitis in the past ten days at North Bengal Medical College and Hospital, a top official said today.

Brain trauma like NFL, boxing seen in football

A degenerative brain disease linked to repeated blows to the head has been found in a US semi-professional football player who died last April, the New York Times reported Thursday.

Study to examine best methods of cleaning surgical instruments

A new study will examine the best methods for cleaning surgical instruments to reduce the risk of variant CJD infection, a rare and fatal disease that affects the brain.

Alzheimer`s disease to drive global leap in number of elderly needing care

A global rise in cases of the mind-robbing Alzheimer`s disease is creating a chronic shortage of carers, with the number of old people dependent on care set to nearly treble to 277 million by 2050.

More US patients feared at risk of rare brain disease

Connecticut said on Friday that two patients who recently underwent surgery at a VA Hospital may have been exposed to a rare brain disease.

New class of antibody found in camels can fight Alzheimer`s

Scientists have discovered an entirely new class of antibody in camels that is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and diffuse into brain tissue, a find that can improve drug delivery to the brain in Alzheimer`s disease.

Simple eye test may help detect Alzheimer`s in early stage

A simple eye test may help combat Alzheimer`s disease by detecting the sufferers well in advance of the destruction caused by the killer brain disease.

Low iron diet cuts brain disease risk

Just the right amount of iron is needed for proper cell functioning.

Suspected brain disease kills 51 kids in Bihar

Suspected encephalitis, a brain infection, has killed 51 children in Bihar`s Gaya district in the last seven weeks.

Now, a new test that can detect brain disease fast

A groundbreaking test for meningitis and septicaemia has been developed.

Now, a new test that can detect brain disease fast

A groundbreaking test for meningitis and septicaemia has been developed.