Google Glass app to help autistic kids

A Massachusetts-based startup called Brain Power is developing Google Glass app to help autistic kids learn social and communication skills.

Chocolates keep you healthy, happy

It's a well known fact that too much consumption of sugar is bad for health. But a little bit of sugar in moderation isn't as terrible as one thought, say researchers.

Shift work link to brain power decline: Study

People who work shifts for 10 years or more may suffer loss of memory and brain power, said a study Tuesday that also warned of safety concerns in high-risk jobs.

Watching DIY videos before carrying out tasks may boost brain power

A new study has found that looking at how-to videos before carrying out simple tasks may boost the brain`s plasticity and increase motor skills.

Regular exercise can make you smarter

Just 30 minutes of physical activity a day can actually make you smarter.

How the gym boosts brain, not brawn, power

You all are aware of the plethora of health benefits that regular exercise brings. Now add enhanced intelligence to that list.

Music `does not` boost intelligence

A pair of studies has claimed that studying music has no effect on improving cognitive abilities.

Sip red wine for healthy heart, brain

Drinking red wine can help protect the heart, and it may boost brain power too.

Aerobics can help improve memory, brain power

A new study has found that engaging in a physical exercise regimen helps healthy aging adults improve their memory, brain health and physical fitness.

Exercise boosts teenagers` brain power: Study

Regular exercise boosts teenagers` school grades -- and particularly helps girls in science, a British study said Tuesday.

Even single cup of tea `boosts the brain`

A new study has claimed that the nutrients found in a cup of tea can boost your brain power and increase alertness.

Study finds poverty reduces brain power

Poverty and the all-consuming fretting that comes with it require so much mental energy that the poor have little brain power left to devote to other areas of life, according to the findings of an international study published on Thursday.

BP drugs could help beat Alzheimer`s

A group of drug used to combat low blood pressure can help slow the rate of cognitive decline typical of dementia, a research has suggested.

Exposure to stress before birth can cause genetic changes in offspring

A new study on rats has found that a female`s exposure to distress even before she conceives causes changes in the expression of a gene linked to the stress mechanism in the body - in the ovum and later in the brains of the offspring.

Irregular bedtimes can affect children`s brain

Irregular bedtimes in early childhood have been linked with low scores in reading, maths in both boys and girls, a study has suggested.

Boost your brain power with these 5 tips

Maintaining a healthy brain is essential as it is the command centre of the entire body. It controls daily functions like motor control, visual and auditory processing, sensation, learning, memory and emotions.

Human intelligence progressively diminishing: Study

Humans are losing intellectual and emotional capabilities because we no longer need intelligence to survive, a new study has claimed.

Obese kids likely to perform poorly in academics: Study

Overweight children are more likely to struggle with academics because being obese can affect their brain power.

Meditation may help boost brain power

Gyrification is the process by which the surface of the brain undergoes changes to create sulci and gyri.

Good to feel muscles burn after exercise

Want to improve your mood as well as your fitness? Then, you need to work out a little harder in the gym, scientists say.