Former Brazilian Army colonel Paulo Malhaes found dead

In a case of suspected murder, ex-Army colonel, Paulo Malhaes was found dead in his home outside Rio de Janeiro on Thursday.

Ex-Brazilian president absolved in corruption case

Brazil`s Supreme Court has absolved former president Fernando Collor de Mello in a corruption case that was among scandals that led to his impeachment more than 20 years ago.

Rio police fire tear gas after dancer`s funeral

Brazilian police fired tear gas to disperse dozens of angry mourners who attended the Rio funeral Thursday of a dancer friends and family say was the victim of police brutality.

No nation has right to rule internet: Brazil

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said at a gathering here Wednesday that no country can have "more weight than another" in governing cyberspace.

Brazil passes detailed Internet privacy law

Brazil has passed a comprehensive legislation on Internet privacy stating the rights, duties, principles, guarantees for both Internet users and service providers here.

Brazil, UAE to cooperate in defence

Brazil and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed here Tuesday an agreement on defence cooperation, Brazil`s foreign ministry said in a statement.

Buses, cars burned in Brazil protest against police

Four buses, a truck and two cars were burned in Brazil when demonstrators took to the streets to protest the deaths of two young men during police actions.

Brazil names 46 suspects in money-laundering, drug probe

Police in Brazil have named 46 people, including an ex-executive at oil giant Petrobras, as suspects in an alleged USD 4.5 billion money laundering and drug operation, officials have said.

Brazil launches campaign against child sex abuse

Brazil has launched a campaign against the sexual exploitation of minors as it readies to host millions of visitors for the 2014 World Cup of soccer.

Dozens of dead babies found in Brazil hospital horror

The bodies of 40 newborn babies and fetuses have been found abandoned in a Brazilian hospital morgue, some forgotten for years, authorities said today, comparing it to a horror movie.

Brazil releases genetically modified mosquitoes to combat dengue

Even as the vector-borne diseases (VBDs) have now become a global public health threat, Brazil has reportedly released the world’s largest ever swarm of genetically modified mosquitoes to combat dengue.

Poll that sparked Brazil`s outrage was wrong

A poll released on March 27 appeared to show that 65 percent of Brazilians believed women in revealing clothes "deserve to be attacked," sparking a furious backlash on social media, concern over risks to tourists during the soccer World Cup, and even a comment from Dilma Rousseff, Brazil`s first woman President.

Menzies quits as ministerial aide over tabloid allegations

Conservative parliamentarian Mark Menzies has resigned from his post as a ministerial aide following allegations of gay sex by a Brazilian male escort.

14 killed in Brazil bus-truck collision

A head-on collision between a minibus and a dump truck left at least 14 dead and 19 injured in the Brazilian city of Manaus, officials said Saturday.

“Invest in yourself”

Anjani Jani, senior associate dean, Yale School of Management, discusses the importance of an international experience for a management industry aspirant in conversation with Gauri Rane

Brazilian island experiences worst drought in 50 years

Almost 340 km out to sea, where one can no longer see the Brazilian coast, the island of Fernando de Noronha, a natural paradise protected by the country`s environmental laws, is suffering through its worse drought of the past 50 years, a dry spell that has virtually exhausted the island`s only fresh water spring, officials said.

Brazil starts HPV vaccination program

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said the country was rolling out a vaccination program to protect five million 11-to 13-year-old girls against the human papilloma virus (HPV), which can cause cause cervical cancer.

FIFA fashion: Rio de Janeiro-inspired line

Rio de Janeiro`s colourful flora and fauna has inspired a new fashion line by streetwear brand adidas Originals and Brazil`s womenswear label The Farm Company ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

One dead, four hurt in Sao Paulo church shooting

A woman was killed and four people were wounded when a man opened fire at a church service in Sao Paulo, Brazilian media reported on Sunday.

Brazil protesters march against bus fare hike

Hundreds of protesters are demonstrating in Rio de Janeiro`s streets against a 10-cent hike in bus fares.