Twitter, CNN introduce new tool for journalists to identify `breaking news` faster

Twitter and CNN have reportedly introduced a new tool that would help journalists identify breaking news faster than before.

New MJ song `Breaking News`

MJ’s song ‘Breaking News’ reveals what he thought of media.

‘Media should stick to truth in race for breaking news’

Asking the media to maintain
accuracy, Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Umashankar Gupta today
said it should not sacrifice truth in the race for breaking

Sporting world anticipates greatest ever comeback

Moments after sporting legend Tiger Woods announced his return to action, sporting world expressed great happiness and flurry of remarks came pouring in.

Tiger-Gate: Ambulance rushes to Woods’ house

A celebrity website TMZ has now reported that, ‘An ambulance reportedly raced to Tiger Woods` house in Windermere, FL overnight -- and transported someone to the hospital ... but there are conflicting reports.’