Breast implants no impediment to police job: German court

A German court has ruled that a prospective Berlin police recruit`s breast implants cannot legally be used as grounds to keep her off the force.

Zoe Saldana won`t mind breast implants

Zoe Saldana is not keen on fake things, but she wouldn`t mind getting breast implants.

Heidi Montag reduces boobs from `F-cup to C-cup`

Heidi Montag has revealed her downsized C-cup boobs following another breast-related medical procedure.

PIP breast implants don`t increase risk of cancer in women

Researchers have found no evidence to higher risk of cancer in women who have PIP breast implants.

Now, breast implants that can self diagnose problems

A Florida- and Belgium-based company Establishment Labs has created new breast implants that are equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip to help diagnose problems.

Has Paris Hilton undergone a boob job?

Paris Hilton has sparked speculations that she might have gone under the knife after she was caught flaunting a curvier figure at a beach in Malibu.

Amanda Bynes goes under the knife to remove `uncomfortable` breast implants

Amanda Bynes has revealed that she had her breast implants removed as they were "uncomfortable."

Breast implants may delay cancer detection, raise death risk

Women who have breast implants and go on to develop breast cancer have a greater risk of dying from the disease than those without, a new study has warned.

Everyone needs a fresh set of boobs every 20 years, says Kris Jenner

Most stars desperately try to hide that they’ve gone under the knife, but not Kris Jenner.

Black market implants threatening lives in US

Many women in the US seeking curves like Hollywood celebrities are increasingly turning to the black market for plastic surgery, little realising its deadly consequences.

Breast implants make sex more enjoyable for women

Women who undergo breast enlargements derive more pleasure in the bedroom post-surgery, a new study has revealed.

Cellular ‘glue’ may help suppress breast cancer

The protein Perp, associated with desmosomes (the glue that sticks cells together), is involved in suppressing breast cancer and offers a potential new target for future treatment, a new study has revealed.

Breast implants is most common plastic surgery

Breast augmentations are the most common form of plastic surgery in America.

Breast implants top list of most common plastic surgeries

Breast augmentations are the most common form of plastic surgery in America, plastic surgeons say.

France: Ex-head of breast implant firm charged

A lawyer for Jean-Claude Mas says a judge placed the PIP company founder under investigation for "involuntary injury”.

French police arrest PIP breast implant boss

Jean-Claude Mas` breast implant firm has sparked an international health scandal by using substandard silicon.

Dutch women advised to remove breast implants

Women in the Netherlands have been advised to remove their breast implants as a precaution.

Breast implants need lifetime of care: Experts

The Internet and women`s magazines are filled with enticing adverts for breast implant surgery.

Alert for women who had breast implants

Thousands of women could be at risk after it emerged that the breast implants made with industrial silicone used in beds had a very high rupture rate, a media report said Wednesday.

Giant boobs still ‘small’ for model with world’s largest breast implants

A US model, who had record-breaking 38KKK breasts before being compelled to have them removed following a life-threatening infection, underwent another breast implant operation in her quest to regain her former cup size but is still unsatisfied with her giant boobs.