British mother selling breast milk to fund Christmas

A cash-strapped mother-of-four in Britain has revealed that she is selling her breast milk and plans to fund Christmas expenses with it, media reported.

Woman uses breast milk to rob store!

In one of the most bizarre incidents of all times, according to an international daily, the most unthinkable kind of robbery took place in Germany. A woman entered a pharmaceutical store, speaking in an unfamiliar language, making everyone around a little hassled, reportedly.

Why some mothers extend breastfeeding

Mothers who decide to breastfeed their children beyond one year of age are driven more by their concerns for their children's physical and social development than the advice of health care professionals, family and friends, found a research.

Breast milk protects newborns from 'lethal' intestinal disorder

A new research has revealed that proteins found in breast milk protect newborn infants from devastating intestinal disorder.

Human milk acts as medicine for critically ill babies: Study

While human milk is the best food for infant, a new study has revealed that it can also work as a medicine for critically ill babies.

Now, soap made out of breast milk that can prevent nappy rash

An inventive mum in China has created soap made out of breast milk that is proving to be quite a hit.

Antidepressants and breastfeeding can mix: Study

Women on antidepressants are more successful at breastfeeding their babies if they keep taking the medication, a new study has found.

Probiotics not helpful for tots with colic

Researchers have found that Probiotics do not help infants with colic.

Breast milk lowers obesity risk later in life

Researchers have found that breast-feeding has a protective effect on the risk of obesity at 20 years of age.

Food items that you should keep away from your child

Parents often get confused while choosing the best and worst foods for their toddler.

Breastfeeding may prevent development of autism in kids

A new study has proposed that protein called insulin-like growth factor (IGF), which is delivered via breastfeeding, could help predict an infant`s propensity to later develop autism.

Breast milk protein that may protect babies from HIV identified

A new research has identified a substance present in breast milk that neutralizes HIV and may protect babies from acquiring HIV from their infected mothers.

Cancer cure being developed from human breast milk

Scientists have claimed that a cure for cancer is being developed from human breast milk.

Babies receive good bacteria from mum`s gut via breast milk

Scientists have found that `good` bacteria reach babies` digestive systems from their mother`s gut through breast milk.

Why breast milk is deemed best for baby

Scientists have tried to explain how the age old maxim "breast milk is best for the baby" holds true even now.

Breast milk can prevent intestinal problem in babies

An ingredient that naturally occurs in breast milk might be used to prevent premature babies from developing a deadly intestinal condition that currently is largely incurable.

Britain launches milkshake that helps fight Alzheimer`s

A milkshake said to contain "memory boosting" nutrients that reduce symptoms of early Alzheimer`s went on sale in Britain Monday.

700 bug species in breast milk!

Scientists using DNA sequencing have identified more than 700 bug species in breast milk, the main source of nourishment for newborns.

David Walliams planning to try wife Lara Stone’s breast milk

David Walliams says he cannot wait to taste his wife Lara Stone’s breastmilk, when she gives birth early next year.

Mothers in UK and US selling their breast milk on Facebook!

Mothers in the UK and US are selling their breast milk using community forums, including Facebook, to make some quick cash, despite serious concerns that it could be harmful for babies.