Hero police officer of Gurdwara shootout announces retirement

Brian Murphy, the police officer who was shot 12 times by the lone gunman as he tried to save Sikh worshippers from the unprovoked firing at a Wisconsin Gurdwara last year, has announced his retirement.

US legislation seeks to condemn Gurdwara shooting

Congressman Paul Ryan has introduced a bi-partisan legislation in the US House of Representatives condemning shooting inside a Gurdwara.

US: Video of Gurdwara shooting incident released

A dramatic video of the tragic Gurdwara shooting incident showed Wade Michael Page on the rampage.

Gurdwara shooting: Murphy released from hospital

Lt Brian Murphy was shot multiple times when he tried to save the lives of Sikh worshippers on August 05.

US Gurdwara holds 1st Sunday service since attack

Members of the Sikh community prayed for the six worshippers who were killed in the shootout inside the Gurdwara last Sunday.