Brit toddler’s kidnappers killed in encounter: Pak police

Three kidnappers, who were involved in the abduction of the five-year British kid Sahil Saeed, have been killed in an encounter, Pakistani police officials have said.

Pak police arrest 2 abductors of Brit toddler

Pakistan police on Thursday arrested two key accused involved in kidnapping of Sahil Saeed, the five-year-old boy who was later released on payment of ransom.

Kidnapped Brit toddler’s father not a ‘suspect’: Cops

British police officials have clarified that the father of the five-year old boy kidnapped in Pakistan’s Punjab province is neither a suspect in the case nor he has been arrested.

Brit toddler’s abductors call father

The father of the kidnapped British toddler, Sahil Saeed, received a phone call from his abductors on Friday, an official looking into the case has said.