Britain rejects Iraqis` systematic torture by forces

British government has rejected accusations of "systematic" torture of Iraqis by the British armed forces in Iraq after lawyers and public interest groups made a formal complaint to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Londoners lose legal bid to stop Olympics missiles

The residents fear the missile base above their heads could make them the focus of a terrorist attack.

`UK military personnel abused by their own people`

As per a survey of 9,000 serving military personnel, 21 percent said they suffered insults from a shouting public, when in uniform.

British Armed Forces and Roko Cancer charity awarded

The British Armed Forces and the Roko Cancer charity have been awarded in recognition of their by a voluntarily
organisation striving to bring people of Britain, India and Pakistan together.

Taliban can be admired for their faith, loyalty: UK bishop

The new Church of England bishop for the British armed forces has said the Taliban can be admired for their faith and sense of loyalty to one another.