British Army too fat to fight?

The traditional way of measuring body fat - using the body mass index - is often criticised for not taking into account the extra weight carried by individuals who are heavily muscled but nevertheless fit.

Britain to give military training to Libyan security forces

Britain`s defence ministry announced Wednesday that the British Army is to train over 300 members of the Libyan security forces in the coming six months.

Bomb damages Northern Ireland hotel, nobody hurt

Northern Ireland police say a bomb has detonated in the lobby of a Londonderry hotel, but a swift evacuation ensured that nobody was injured.

Britain to train Libyan armed forces

The British army will train up to 2,000 Libyan troops in the country, British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said.

Army bomb disposal experts called to UK mosque

British Army bomb disposal experts have been called to a mosque in the West Midlands region of England after a "suspicious package" was found on the grounds.

`Afghan war has cost Britain over £37 bn`

In his book, Frank Ledwidge estimates British troops in Helmand have killed at least 500 non-combatants.

Soldier killed in London had served in Afghanistan

The British soldier murdered on the streets of London by two suspected Islamists had fought the Taliban in Afghanistan.

`Winnie the Pooh` creator AA Milne worked as British secret agent

Classified intelligence files reveal that writer AA Milne, who created `Winnie the Pooh`, was also a British secret agent.

British Army unveils hand-held drone used for fighting Taliban

British Army has unveiled a tiny "game-changing" drone that fits easily into the palm of your hand and may give an edge to troops in the war against the Taliban.

British Army unveils new ‘Black Hornet’ drone, used in war against Taliban

The British Army has demonstrated a new spy drone at Camp Bastion, which is their latest weapon against the Taliban.

First Sikh to guard Buckingham Palace in turban

Guardsman Jatinderpal Singh Bhullar has been given permission to wear a turban outside Buckingham Palace, breaking hundreds of years of tradition.

British Army chief discusses mutual cooperation with Nepal

Wall is here on a six-day visit also paid courtesy calls to President Ram Baran Yadav and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai.

UK plans early troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

Philip Hammond said military commanders have changed their views about how many troops need to remain in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban.

British soldiers` remains stored secretly: Report

Remains of British war heroes are being secretly kept in an Army lab without permission from their relatives, a report said.

Top British woman soldier quits Army ahead of cuts

Brigadier Nicky Moffat was widely tipped to become the first female general in British military history.

UK Army told to recruit from ethnic minorities

UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has said that the British Army needs to reflect modern British society.

Large van bomb defused on Northern Ireland border

British Army experts defused the homemade bomb two days after a passing motorist told police about the abandoned van.

British military chief outlines future Army size

Chief of the British Defence Staff General Peter Wall said the Army should be smaller.

British Army defuses pipe bomb near Belfast school

Northern Ireland police say British Army experts have defused a pipe bomb near a Catholic elementary school in Belfast.

Thatcher waged secret war against UK rights groups

Undercover soldiers were ordered by the Ministry of Defence to carry out spying missions, after the Tories won the 1979 election.