British military officials using choppers as taxis

The news of lavish perks enjoyed by the top military brass has outraged critics.

British military warns over Afghan drawdown

Senior British army figures warned David Cameron not to `fall into the trap` of a hasty Afghan troop drawdown.

British military unveils royal wedding plans

Britain`s military says it plans to line the streets with soldiers and perform a flypast in honor of Prince William`s wedding to Kate Middleton later this month.

Afghan security handover not till 2014: British military chief

Britain`s military chief said on Sunday that international troops in Afghanistan would be unlikely to hand over security to Afghan forces until 2014, amid mounting public concern about the mission there.

Protesters demand British pullout from Afghanistan

Protesters marched through London
on Saturday to demand a British military withdrawal from Afghanistan
-- among them a serving soldier facing court martial for
refusing a second tour of duty there.