British MPs vote in favour of ban on sex-based abortions

British lawmakers on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion declaring sex-selection abortion illegal, ending uncertainty over whether doctors can be prosecuted for the practice.

Man arrested for throwing marbles at MPs in UK Parliament

In a major security breach, a man Wednesday managed to enter the British Parliament and hurl marbles at some MPs during British Prime Minister David Cameron's weekly questions.

Modi thanks British MPs for UK invite

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday thanked the British MPs for inviting him to UK in the spirit of dialogue and engagement.

`Unhealthy` drinking culture among British MPs: Survey

A quarter of MPs believe there is an "unhealthy" culture of drinking in Parliament, a new survey has suggested.

Inquiry into UK’s drones could shed light on ‘secret war’ by US

British MPs are set to open an inquiry into Britain’s use of drones to kill militants.

Height of cricket diplomacy in Dharamsala

A group of Parliamentarians from India and Britain played a cricket match in the picturesque Himachal Pradesh town of Dharamsala.

British MPs `spend 1,000 hours a year on Twitter`

British MPs seem to be going gaga over `Twitter` -- they are spending 1,000 hours a year on the micro-blogging site, and posting some 2,500 tweets in one week, a new research has revealed.

British MPs `spend 1,000 hours a year on Twitter`

The MPs send messages about cats, squidgy cake and Take That.

British MPs draw flak for defying austerity measures

Senior MPs in Britain have come under fire for celebrating New Year lavishly.

British MPs tinkering with expenses may be fined

British Members of Parliament are angry with the punitive proposals of a parliamentary watchdog to fine MPs and force them to explain themselves in public if they tinkered with their expenses in future.