British PM to apologise to queen over purring gaffe

British Prime Minister David Cameron will apologise to Queen Elizabeth II in person after describing how she "purred" down the telephone when he told her Scotland had rejected independence, media reported Thursday.

UK Judge criticizes David Cameron on gay marriage

A London High Court judge has criticised a plan of British Prime Minister David Cameron to legalise gay marriages, saying ministers were wasting time on a "minority" issue that affects "0.1 percent of the population".

UK PM urges Israel to do ‘everything possible’ to end Gaza crisis

British Prime Minister David Cameron has urged Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to do ‘everything possible’ to end the crisis in Gaza.

UK PM in new tangle over phone hacking

Cameron said Bryant had previously made untrue claims about the saga. "Until he apologises, I`m not going to answer his questions," the prime minister said.

Cameron for probe into sexual abuse charge against

Cameron said that the claims from a number of women which have emerged over recent weeks that they were abused by Savile as teenagers were "truly shocking".

Cameron, top ministers to depose before press inquiry?

British PM David Cameron and seven of his top ministers will depose before the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, ethics and practices of the UK media.

UK PM, Suu Kyi back suspension of Myanmar sanctions

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday met President Thein Sein and pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi on a one day visit to Myanmar.