Brittany Murphy biopic trailer dramatic, emotional

The trailer for Brittany Murphy`s biopic is out and the content is said to be emotional and dramatic.

Brittany Murphy TV biopic to release on September 6

Biopic on `8 Mile` actress Brittany Murphy, who died in 2009, will have a TV release on September 6 this year.

Brittany Murphy`s last film `Something Wicked` set to release in US

Brittany Murphy`s final movie ` Something Wicked ` is set to open in Eugene, Oregon, before going on a limited run.

Brittany Murphy`s death seems very fishy, says friend

Brittany Murphy`s friend Mike Heller has claimed that he had always suspected something was up with her death as it was seemed very fishy to him.

Brittany Murphy may have died of rat poison: reports claim

Actress Brittany Murphy, who was declared dead in 2009 owing to acute pneumonia and anaemia, have reportedly been murdered with rat poison, reports claim.

Brittany Murphy`s dad refuses to give up death investigation

Actress Brittany Murphy`s father has vowed to continue fighting Los Angeles authorities to get to the bottom of his daughter`s tragic death, three years after her passing.

Brittany Murphy`s mother sues legal team

American actress Brittany Murphy`s mother has launched a fresh legal bid to prove that her daughter was killed by toxic mould.

Elijah Wood missed Brittany Murphy while recording

The `Lord of the Rings` star Elijah Wood says he was "extremely sad" while recording for "Happy Feet 2" without Brittany Murphy, who died suddenly in 2009.

I am disturbed by Simon`s bed report: Brittany Murphy’s mum

Brittany Murphy`s mom Sharon has slammed LA County Coroner`s report on Simon Monjack`s death – especially the part that references her sharing a bed with him.

Brittany Murphy`s mum shared bed with Simon Monjack

Late actress Brittany Murphy`s mother has revealed that she shared bed with her daughter`s husband Simon Monjack after Brittany died.

Brittany Murphy’s hubby ‘emptied her bank accounts before his own death’

American actress Brittany Murphy’s bank accounts were emptied by her husband Simon Monjack before he died, sources have revealed.