Storms as big as Jupiter`s `great red spot` discovered on brown dwarfs

New observations from NASA`s Spitzer Space Telescope have suggested that most brown dwarfs also feature one or more Jupiter`s "Great Red Spot" like planet-size storms.

Failed stars near Sun could harbour hidden planet

Astronomers, who took precise measurements of the closest pair of failed stars to the Sun, have found that the system harbours a third, planetary-mass object.

How to distinguish between stars and brown dwarfs

Researchers have found clear observational evidence for the theoretically predicted break between very low mass stars and brown dwarfs.

Classification of brown dwarfs hinging between stars and planets

Brown dwarfs, sometimes called failed stars, are indeed the coldest known free-floating celestial bodies, and are warmer than previously believed with temperatures hovering at about 250-350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Brown dwarfs could grow rocky planets

Astronomers have detected that the outer region of a dusty disc encircling a brown dwarf - a star-like object, contains millimetre-size solid grains like those found in denser discs around newborn stars.

Over 2 dozen free-floating failed stars discovered

An international team of astronomers has discovered over two dozen new free-floating brown dwarfs - sometimes described as ‘failed stars’.