Yahoo acquires browser based game creation engine Cloud Party

ahoo has reportedly acquired a browser based game creation engine called the Cloud Party.

Mozilla`s new add-on allow users to track who`s spying

Mozilla has unveiled a new add-on for the popular web browser that gives web users an instant view of which companies are “watching” them as they browse.

Google Chrome is third most popular browser

Google Chrome is now the world`s third most popular web browser with one in five users preferring it.

Don`t save passwords on your browser

People who insist on storing passwords on a browser should at least use some kind of master password.

Coming soon: Google browser that maps out human body

Google is all set to unveil a new browser that can map out the entire human body.

New browser combines web search with Facebook

A new internet browser that requires a Facebook log-in has been unveiled.

First web browser for India launched

A Bangalore based software start up, has launched a browser targeted at Indian audiences.

BlackBerry to offer better browser

Browsing on your BlackBerry smart phone could soon become a much better experience.

IE 8 is Microsoft`s champion in browser wars

Microsoft is touting freshly-launched Internet Explorer 8 as its champion in the competitive Web browser arena, urging holdouts to upgrade from earlier versions of the software.