Decision on GM crops must be based on data, says ABLE-AG
Decision on GM crops must be based on data, says ABLE-AG

The government should take decisions about genetically modified (GM) crops on the basis of "scientific" evaluation and data, and not due to criticism of the technology without any scientific reasons, Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises-Agriculture Group has said.

Farmers associations in Haryana, Punjab in favour of GM crops

Farmers associations of Punjab and Haryana today demanded allowing use of biotech crops in the country, claiming that genetically modified (GM) crops would raise farm productivity as well as their income.

Karnataka govt has open mind on GM crops

Karnataka government has an open mind on the issue of genetically modified crops, and favours giving options for farmers to make informed choices, Agriculture Minister Krishna Byre Gowda said today.

Ramesh moots govt study on GM crops as sustainable option

Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh Tuesday suggested a government study to ascertain that genetically modified crops are a sustainable option.

Govt drafts bill to set up Biotechnology Regulatory body

The govt has drafted a bill which seeks setting up of a biotechnology regulatory body to regulate manufacture, import and use of organisms and products of modern bio-technology.

Bt cotton in India `good for the field, bad for the farm`

A new study noted that most Indian farmers have become unable to properly assess the Bt cotton seeds.

Bt Cotton has created major pest problems in China

Bt cotton in China has resulted in unintended negative consequences.