PM daughter`s low profile impresses Bihar officials

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s daughter Upinder Kaur is visiting Bihar`s historical Buddhist sites since Thursday but as a common tourist-cum-researcher, without any hype, and has left the state officials and police impressed.

South-east Asian Buddhist sites to be mapped

Historic Buddhist sites across eight south-east Asian nations will be mapped out and compiled into an atlas to boost tourism potential, an official said.

One lakh Japanese tourists visited Buddhist sites

Over one lakh Japanese tourists have visited places of Buddhist pilgrim interest in the country since the beginning of this year.

Guj govt speed up preservation of Buddhist sites for tourism

The Gujarat government has
accelerated efforts for preservation of sites that are going to be part of the Buddhist tourism circuit comprising caves in Saurashtra and remains of Buddhist monastery in Central Gujarat region.

AP to launch efforts to trace Buddhist sites in Rayalaseema

State Archaeology department
would be launching efforts to discover Buddhist sites, which
are believed to be lying in ruins in Rayalaseema region,
following the identification of such sites in Andhra Pradesh.