Two men gored in Spain`s Pamplona bull run

Two men, one of them an American, were gored by bulls on Wednesday as they took part in Pamplona`s bull run, a festival where red-scarved participants race through the Spanish town`s cobbled streets pursued by the huge animals.

Two injured at Pamplona`s fifth bull run

Hundreds of daredevils tested their bravery on Thursday by fleeing half-tonne fighting bulls through the winding streets of Pamplona in northern Spain in a run that sent two men to hospital.

Nine injured, 3 by goring, in Spain`s final bull run

The final running of bulls was the bloodiest of Spain`s San Fermin festival.

Asia stocks at 14-month high as bull run persists

Asian stocks rose to a 14-month high on Tuesday after strong sales numbers from Apple Inc suggested US consumers are spending more and as the weak US dollar kept pushing commodity prices higher.