Find fate of Buxa tigers: Valmik Thapar asks Bengal govt

Tiger expert Valmik Thapar Monday urged the West Bengal government to "find out" the plight of tigers in the Buxa Tiger Reserve (BTR) in northern part of the state, in the light of no photographs emerging to substantiate the claim of presence of three big cats.

Tusker killed by lighting in Bengal

An adult tusker was killed after being struck by lightning at the Buxa Tiger Reserve in West Bengal`s Jalpaiguri district, forest officials said Monday.

Experts probe rising deaths of elephants in Bengal

Environment and forest experts visited Jalpaiguri in West Bengal on Tuesday to identify the causes behind rising incidents of elephant deaths, many of whom are crushed by speeding trains.

Buxa Tiger Reserve may get its vultures back

Vultures which were once abundant in West Bengal`s Buxa tiger reserve and its adjoining forest areas may stage a comeback if an ongoing conservation project succeeds.

Census reports over 210 elephants in Buxa Tiger reserve

The elephant population in the Buxa Tiger reserve has shot up by 50 per cent in three years.

More tigers in Buxa: Scat samples

The Buxa Tiger Reserve in north
Bengal may be harbouring a greater number of the big cats.

Buxa Tiger Reserve to conduct joint exercise with Bhutan

The Buxa Tiger Reserve in north
Bengal will undertake a joint exercise with neighbouring
Bhutan for monitoring and protection of tigers and other
wild life.

Big cat spotted for first time in Buxa Tiger Reserve

In a rare moment for North Bengal`s Buxa, where no big cat has been spotted since its creation in 1983, a Royal Bengal tiger has been spotted in the reserve and captured on film.