'Polygamy' puts you at 4-times higher risk of heart disease

If you practice polygamy and have multiple wives, your chances of developing heart disease is 4 times higher than others.

Budget 2015: It’s time to expand the tax basket for fiscal prudence

For the current fiscal, the government might achieve the target by selling its stake in PSUs, raising duty on petro products and cutting expenditure, but this is not a lasting solution to the problem.

Heart disease: Warning signs you should never ignore!

Our heart, one of the most vital organs, needs special attention. Many people usually ignore these warning signs that tell something is awry with your heart or are just slow to seek help when symptoms develop.

Oily fish may not prevent heart disease: Study

Often we have heard that eating oily fish is good for the heart. However, researchers have now questioned the validity of oily fish being a part of a heart healthy diet.

Women love a cad, says Brit actor Nigel Havers

British actor Nigel Havers, who earned his popularity by portraying immoral love rats, has claimed that women never learn when it comes to men because they cannot stop pursuing cads.

Managing inflationary pressure biggest challenge: Rangarajan

Managing inflationary pressure-- particularly in foodgrain prices -- is the biggest challenge before policymakers, according to C Rangarajan, the chairman of the Prime Minister`s Economic Advisory Council.

High calcium level in arteries predicts heart attack

Researchers may be able to predict future severe cardiac events in patients with known, stable coronary artery disease, by measuring calcium levels, according to a new study.