Lots of oxygen may not lead to evolution of advanced life

A Danish/Swedish/French research team has shown that the oxygen content on Earth, 2.1 billion years ago, was probably same as it was during the so-called Cambrian explosion, 500 million years ago.

`Cascade of events` led to Cambrian explosion 520 mn years ago

A new study has suggested that the explosion of animal life on Earth around 520 million years ago took place because of a combination of interlinked factors rather than a single underlying cause.

Biologists measure evolution`s Big Bang

Scientists have, for the first time, measured the rates of evolution during the "Cambrian explosion" when most modern animal groups appeared between 540 and 520 million years ago..

Evidence of early life on land faces intense skepticism

A study suggesting that life may have first emerged on land about 100 million years earlier than previously thought, has sparks anger among scientists.