Canada arrests Pakistani gun owner, alleges security threat: Report

Police arrested and charged a Pakistani gun collector living in Ontario this week, alleging he is a terrorist threat to Canada, the Globe and Mail newspaper reported on Thursday, quoting his attorney.

`Terror threat`: US boosts government security

The United States said Tuesday it will boost security at government buildings after threats from Islamist groups and following two attacks last week in Canada that killed two soldiers.

Top Canada officials to face Parliament questioning after attacks

Top Canadian security officials are due to testify on Monday before a parliamentary committee about threats facing the nation in the same building where a man described as an homegrown militant opened fire last week as Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with lawmakers.

In wake of Canada attacks, Toronto police drill for disaster

About 100 police, firefighters and other emergency workers held a disaster-response drill in downtown Toronto`s deserted financial district on Sunday following a week that saw two soldiers killed on Canadian soil.

Canada Parliament shooter made video, driven by ideology: Police

The man who killed a Canadian soldier and attacked the country`s Parliament building last week made a video of himself before hand, evidence he was driven by ideological and political motives, police said on Sunday.

Five hurt in Canada industrial explosion

Five people were injured -- one seriously -- when an explosion ripped through an industrial plant in Canada, police said.

Five hurt in Canada industrial explosion

Five people were injured -- one seriously -- when an explosion ripped through an industrial plant in Canada on Saturday, police said.

Gunman in Canada attack complained about mosque

The gunman who shot and killed a soldier in plain daylight then stormed Canada's Parliament once complained that a Vancouver mosque he attended was too liberal and inclusive, and was kicked out after he repeatedly spent the night there even though officials told him to stop, Muslim leaders said.

Canada's financial intelligence agency gets ''useful'' data after attacks

Canada`s financial intelligence agency asked institutions to quickly report suspicious transactions in the wake of two deadly attacks this week and has received data "useful to our intelligence efforts," a spokesman said on Friday.

Winnipeg woman at centre of baby corpses mystery

Forensic examinations started Friday may reveal who gave birth to six babies whose corpses were discovered in a storage locker in the Canadian plains city of Winnipeg, and how they ended up there.

Canada to deliver spy agency bill next week, more to come

Canada will introduce legislation next week to give more powers to its spy agency, a bill that will be largely unchanged from one drafted before this week`s attack in Ottawa, a government source said on Friday.

Slain Canadian soldier heads home on "Highway of Heroes"

The body of a Canadian soldier shot dead while guarding the country`s war memorial in Ottawa began the journey to his hometown on Friday, in a last ride along the nation`s "Highway of Heroes."

Canada seeks to beef up security after attacks

In the aftermath of two deadly attacks on Canadian soil this week and amid growing concerns over the radicalization of local youths, Ottawa is quickly moving to bolster its surveillance capabilities.

Canada PM hid in a closet during attack: Reports

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was shoved into a closet when a gunmen stormed parliament, local newspapers said today.

Suspicious envelopes sent to foreign missions in Istanbul

Suspicious envelopes containing a yellow powder were sent on Friday to the Belgian, Canadian and German consulates in Istanbul, prompting a security alert, officials said.

Dramatic footage shows moment gunman stormed Canada Parliament
Dramatic footage shows moment gunman stormed Canada Parliament

Canadian police have released dramatic surveillance footage showing the moment a gunman suspected of planning to travel to Syria to fight alongside Islamic militants breached security at parliament after shooting dead a soldier.

Canadian police release footage of Parliament gunman during attack

The Canadian police released security footage that showed Michael Zehaf Bibeau running towards Parliament with his gun drawn

Canada Parliament gunman had planned to travel to Syria: Police
Canada Parliament gunman had planned to travel to Syria: Police

The gunman in Wednesday`s attack on Canada`s capital had a criminal record and recently applied for a passport, planning to travel to Syria after undergoing a "radicalization process," police said on Thursday.

Canadian woman arrested at JFK with guns: Police

Police say a 24-year-old Canadian woman has been arrested at Kennedy Airport with handguns, ammunition and 15 kilograms of marijuana in her checked baggage.

Rajapaska disturbed by terrorist attack in Canada

Countries across the globe should unite as equal partners to fight the menace of terrorism, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa said on Thursday noting that even countries like Canada are not spared.