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Don't ignore cancer symptoms

Perhaps driven by fear, people often prefer to dismissing potential warning signs of cancer, thereby putting their lives at risk, says a study.

New high-tech microscope for cheap disease testing
New high-tech microscope for cheap disease testing

A researcher in the UK has developed a high-tech microscope that can make expensive tests for measuring everything from sperm motility to cancer diagnosis hundreds of thousands of pounds cheaper.

Nearly 50% of cancers get diagnosed late: Study

A new study has found that nearly half of cancers are diagnosed only when the disease is at an advanced stage, meaning treatment is both more expensive and less likely to succeed.

Conference on cancer diagnosis and therapy from Sep 15

Aimed at bringing awareness in public on cancer diagnosis and therapy, a three-day `Global Cancer Conference and Medicare Summit-2014` would be held here from September 15.

Smoking after cancer diagnosis ups death risk: study

Men who continue to smoke after being diagnosed with cancer have an increased risk of death compared with those who quit smoking, US researchers said.

Gwyneth Paltrow changed diet post dad`s cancer diagnosis

Gwyneth Paltrow chose to eat healthier food after her late father was diagnosed with cancer 15 years ago.

`Your mind can help heal your body`

Your mind can save your life, according to Deepak Chopra, the founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

High blood calcium levels may indicate ovarian cancer

High blood calcium levels may predict ovarian cancer, the most fatal of the gynaecologic cancers, a new study has claimed.

Biosensor shows promise for cancer diagnosis

Researchers have created an ultra-sensitive biosensor that could open up new opportunities for early detection of cancer.

Many keep smoking even after cancer diagnosis

A large number of people, believe it or not, continue to puff away merrily even after being diagnosed with cancer.

Osbourne fears cancer diagnosis like mum

Osbourne lives in constant fear that one day she will be diagnosed with cancer.