Fungi may lead to cheaper cancer drug

An anti-cancer substance which is already known to be found in yew trees can also be derived from a kind of microbial "bandage" that protects these trees from disease-causing fungi.

Cancer drug shows potential to slow ageing

A drug normally used to treat skin cancer has been found to delay the onset of age-related deaths by slowing the ageing process in fruit flies.

US to produce natural cancer drug

Scientists, including an Indian-American, are a step closer to producing a natural cancer drug by extracting ET-743, a compound found in marine invertebrate.

Newly unveiled prostate cancer's 'Rosetta Stone' paves way for targeted drugs

A team of scientists has unveiled a comprehensive genetic map of advanced prostate cancer, hailing it as the disease's "Rosetta Stone."

Cancer drugs may help prevent brain disorders: Study

 A class of anti-cancer drugs may be able to prevent brain disorders, including Down syndrome and Fragile X syndrome, new research says.

Mice study shows cancer drug may help restore memory in Alzheimer's patients

In a new study, scientists tested cancer drug on Alzheimer's mice and found that it restored their memory.

A tool to monitor the adverse effects of cancer drug

A new portable device can correctly measure a patient's blood for the effects of methotrexate, a commonly used but potentially toxic cancer drug, in less than a minute.

Cancer drug can detect HIV virus

In a key discovery against HIV, researchers have shown that an anti-cancer drug can activate hidden HIV to levels readably detectable in the blood by standard methods.

Scientists` one step closer to magic bullet against cancer caused by asbestos

Researchers have come closer to finding a cure for Mesothelioma - a very aggressive cancer associated with asbestos exposure - usually diagnosed in an advanced stage.

Biocon releases drug to treat breast cancer

India`s leading biotechnology firm Biocon Ltd. has released a new drug to treat metastatic breast cancer it developed jointly with US-based pharma major Mylan.

Glenmark faces patent infringement suit for cancer drug in US

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has been slapped with a patent infringement case by US-based Cephalon Inc over plans to sell generic version of leukaemia treatment drug Treanda in the American market.

New cancer drug shows promise for treating deadly disease

A new study has presented very promising results for the treatment of the cancer form multiple myeloma.

Cancer drug Xeloda linked to severe skin reactions: Official

A drug used to treat advanced breast and colorectal cancers has been linked to sometimes fatal skin reactions in patients, its Swiss manufacturer and Canadian health officials said Wednesday.

Cancer risk increases as baby boomers age

Bringing attention to the response towards cancer care, the frequency of cancer is increasing at a tremendous rate.

Jab that can revolutionise breast cancer cure gets green light from NHS

An injection that could revolutionise breast cancer treatment has been granted a licence for use in Britain.

Cancer drug has potential to treat diabetes

A new research has found that a cancer drug has the potential to treat diabetes.

Old cancer drug may help transplant patients

Scientists have discovered that an old cancer drug can be used to prevent rejection of transplanted tissue.

Roche not to pursue patent for breast cancer drug in India

Swiss pharma major Roche Holding AG Friday said it won't pursue the secondary patent for its breast cancer drug 'Herceptin' in India.

Govt says Roche didn't follow norms for cancer drug patent

The government today said it had "treated as withdrawn" patent applications by Swiss pharma major Roche Holding for offshoot medicines of its breast cancer drug 'Herceptin' because the company did not comply with local norms.

Soon, drugs to starve cancer to death

Scientists believe that cancer could be cured by starving tumours to death.