NPPA invites comments on Tata Memorial list of cancer drugs

National drug price regulator has sought comments from the pharma industry, health experts and other stakeholders on recommendations of Tata Memorial Centre to add 12 drugs in the National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) while asking for deletion of 3 drugs.

Salt can kill cancer cells: Study

The next weapon to effectively fight cancer could be salt as researchers have found that an influx of salt into a cell triggers its death.

Safer, cheaper building blocks for future drugs

Researchers have developed an economical, reliable and metal-free chemical reaction that could yield building blocks for future anti-HIV and cancer drugs.

Cancer drug ruling: It is triumph of human values, says Natco Director

The IPAB ruling in favour of the Natco Pharma against Bayer has reignited the debate over innovation versus access in the health sector.

Fungi inspires potential cancer drugs

MIT chemists have synthesized and tested several dozen compounds that may hold promise as potential cancer drugs.

DIPP seeks details on 3 cancer drugs for compulsory licencing

DIPP has sought details from the Health Ministry regarding three medicines sold by multinationals Roche and Bristol-Myers Squibb in India to make them affordable.

A capsule that suppresses cancer cells

A tiny capsule designed by US researchers could suppress cancers without damaging healthy cells, shows a study.

SC issues notice to Centre on delicensing cancer drugs

The Supreme Court today issued notice to the Centre on a PIL seeking to quash licensing of two vaccines for cervical cancer treatment on the ground that the approval for their use was done without adequate research on safety.

Gene variant in East Asians could explain resistance to cancer drugs

Scientists have now found answer to why some patients fail to respond to some of the most successful cancer drugs.

Video games provide new targets for cancer drugs

Scientists have turned to video games to find the cure for cancer

Cancer drugs may also combat antibiotic resistance

Drugs used for cancer treatment may also help in combating antibiotic resistance.

Book pharmas using humans as `guinea pigs`: TDP

The party also wanted a committee to be constituted to
probe into the activities of the pharmaceutical companies.