Nearly 50% of cancers get diagnosed late: Study

A new study has found that nearly half of cancers are diagnosed only when the disease is at an advanced stage, meaning treatment is both more expensive and less likely to succeed.

London Marathon raises record amounts for charity
London Marathon raises record amounts for charity

Runners at the London Marathon have raised almost half a billion dollars for charity in the last five years and continue to break fundraising records each year, sponsors Virgin Money announced on Wednesday.

Hull City`s Tom Huddlestone raises over 36,000 pounds for UK charity with haircut

Hull City midfielder Tom Huddlestone, who had his famous hair cut off for charity, has reportedly raised over 36,000 pounds for a UK cancer charity.

Trebling tobacco tax `could prevent 200 million early deaths`

Trebling tobacco tax globally would cut smoking by a third and prevent 200 million premature deaths this century from lung cancer and other diseases, researchers said on Wednesday.

E-cigarettes could save lives, conference told

Switching to e-cigarettes could save millions of smokers` lives, a conference on the rapidly expanding use of the devices heard today, though some delegates warned more research on the health effects is needed.

Men are 70% more likely to die from skin cancer than women

A new study says that men are 70% more vulnerable to skin cancer than women although similar numbers are being diagnosed with the disease.

Men more prone to skin cancer than women

A new study suggests that more men are dying from skin cancer as compared to women, despite similar numbers being diagnosed with the disease.

Diabetes may up breast cancer risk in post-menopausal women

Experts say post-menopausal women who have Type 2 diabetes may be at greater risk of developing breast cancer.

Now, a simple blood test to monitor cancer treatment

The new simple blood test that can clearly show whether treatments to reduce tumours is working.

Cancer denial killing thousands in Britain

Thousands of people in Britain are dying "unnecessarily" because they are too scared to mention early symptoms of cancer to their doctor, according to the BBC.