Starchy food may reduce red meat-related colorectal cancer risk

A new study has revealed that consuming starch that acts like fiber may help reduce colorectal cancer risk associated with a high red meat diet.

New genetic risk markers identified for pancreatic cancer

A new discovery has been made with help of large DNA analysis of humans, which says that there are several genetic markers to identify pancreatic cancer.

Advanced CT scanners to reduce radiation exposure

The growing use of CT scans could be placing patients at a higher lifetime risk of cancer from radiation exposure, but advanced CT scanning equipment has reduced the danger significantly, says a new study.

Organic food may not lower cancer risk

Eating organic foods may not lower the risk of developing cancer, a new study has claimed.

Healthy ways to prevent cancer in teens!

Unlike adults, lifestyle-related and environmental risk factors are not considered to play a major role in cancers in teens.

Giving birth 10 times lowers mom`s cancer risk

Women who give birth to 10 or more children are at a reduced risk of developing cancer, a new study has claimed.

New breast cancer cases may cross 2 lakh/yr next decade

Over two lakh women in India face the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer every year over the next decade, according to a study here.

Cutting down sugar could reduce cancer risk in obese and diabetic people

Blocking dietary sugar and its activity in tumor cells may reduce cancer risk and progression in obese and diabetic people , a new study has found.

Grilled foods may increase cancer risk

It`s time for picnics and parties with lots of grilled goodies, but experts at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have warned that all that sizzling and flipping on the gas or charcoal grill may also be cooking up cancer-causing chemicals.

More than 2 beers a year ups cancer risk

Drinking more than just two pints of beer a year heightens the risk of cancer, scientists have revealed.

Unhealthy snacks `may affect cancer risk in patients with Lynch syndrome`

Loading up on snack foods may increase cancer risk in individuals with an inborn susceptibility to colorectal and other cancers, researchers say.

Smoking damages DNA of hopeful dads; ups cancer risk in offsprings

Cigarette smoke damages DNA in the reproductive cells of fathers and these changes are inherited by the offspring, a new study has found.

Dietary supplements can elevate cancer risk: Study

Supplements such as beta-carotene, selenium and folic acid, quaffed at much higher levels than their recommended daily doses, are most likely to elevate the risk of developing a host of cancers, a study says.

Doubts cast over `no cancer risk for kids using cell phones`

Scientists have raised doubts over a study published last year that did not succeed in finding a link between mobile phone use and brain tumours in children and teens.

Your glass of fruit juice can up cancer risk

Fruit juices contain so much sugar that they actually increase the risk of certain cancers.

Radiation traces found in Japanese baby formula

Experts say children are more at risk than are adults of getting cancer and other illnesses from radiation exposure.

Cholesterol drugs safe, even after a decade of use

Cholesterol-lowering drugs continue to produce benefits without any serious safety problems, such as increased cancer risk, even after more than a decade of use, researchers said Wednesday.

Prolonged sitting at work may boost cancer risk

Uninterrupted periods of sitting at work are very unhealthy.

Daily aspirin can cut cancer risk by 60pc

A new study by British researchers has revealed that taking aspirin regularly can cut the long-term risk of cancer.

Onion skins reduce diabetes, cancer risk

Next time around while you`re in the kitchen don`t throw away the dry onion skin, as it are `rich in compounds that are beneficial for human health`, according to scientists.