Hollywood, fashion world pay homage to Oscar de la Renta
Hollywood, fashion world pay homage to Oscar de la Renta

Calling him a 'gentleman' and 'artiste', Hollywood stars and fashion world personalities have taken to social networking sites to pay their respects to style icon and renowned fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. The designer died at the age of 82, following a lengthy battle with cancer.

Designer organs come closer to reality

In a new surgical experiment, researchers had transplanted growing human intestinal 'organoids' into mice that could be useful one day for designing and producing organ parts for repairing diseased tissues using a patient's own skin cells.

'American Idol' contestant Joanne Borgella dies

Former 'American Idol' contestant Joanne Borgella has died at the age of 32 after fighting for the past year against what she described as a "rare case" of cancer.

Beware! Jetlag can contribute to obesity

Urgent appointments, tight work timetables and hectic social schedules may require you to travel frequently leading to jet lag.  

UK has highest rate of gullet cancer in the world; obesity may be a risk factor

A new report by the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that the UK has the highest rate of adenocarcinoma (AC) cancer in the world.

Earth's magnetic flip could lead to surge in cancer rates
Earth's magnetic flip could lead to surge in cancer rates

Earth's magnetic field could flip very quickly - perhaps within a human lifespan, causing mutations and cancer surge, according to a new study.

Chinese scientists discovered cancer-killing virus

Chinese scientists have discovered a virus known as M1 that could kill cancer cells without harming normal cells, giving hope for future research and development of cancer therapies.

Prominence of warnings on tobacco packaging; India slips to 136

India ranks 136 among 198 countries in terms of prominence of pictorial health warnings on tobacco packaging, down from the 123rd position it had managed in 2012.

Kids born to older mothers at higher risk of hundreds of diseases

 A new study has revealed that there are greater rates of the mitochondrial DNA variants in children born to older mothers, as well as in the mothers themselves, which cause more than 200 diseases and contribute to others such as diabetes, cancer, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease.

Visual inspection more effective in detecting lesions: Study

Visual inspection with acetic acid can emerge as a cost-effective alternative screening method for cervical lesions as compared to expensive and complicated tests like pap smears, a new study shows.

Device detects several cancer types with single blood test

A low-cost device that could detect the presence of dozens of different cancers using a single blood sample is being developed in the US.

High cholesterol ups risk of prostate cancer recurrence

Higher levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, two types of fat, in the blood of men who underwent surgery for prostate cancer, may increase risk of disease recurrence, says a study.

RNA molecules in urine can detect prostate cancer

Scientists have revealed that they have identified a set of RNA molecules that are detectable in tissue samples and urine of prostate cancer patients but not in normal healthy individuals.

Colon cancer may be caused by loss of single hormone

A new study has revealed that loss of single hormone may cause colon cancer, it has been reported.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Six amazing discoveries in 2014

We have heard how women are encouraged to wear pink in the month of October every year in support of Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. The disease has become a major problem in many parts of the world including India.

5 healthy behaviors that lessen 'bowel cancer risk' revealed

A new study has found that a combination of five important healthy behaviors helps in reducing the risk of developing bowel cancer.

Lung cancer can stay hidden for over 20 years: Study

Lung cancers can lie dormant for over 20 years before suddenly turning into an aggressive form of the disease, according to a study published Thursday in the US journal Science.

Micro-device to help in early diagnosis of cancer

Researchers have invented a miniature device to test exosomes - minuscule membrane vesicles released from most cells - for an early diagnosis of cancer.

Why testosterone may increase prostate cancer risk

While an adequate testosterone level is essential for men to maintain energy, sex drive and reproductive capacity, unnecessary testosterone therapy could increase prostate cancer risk, a study suggests.

Health insurance has lowered death rate in Karnataka: Study

At a time when the central government is mulling a universal health insurance policy for the poor, a study shows that a similar programme in Karnataka to provide health insurance to households below the poverty line has lowered both mortality rates and out-of pocket expenses for beneficiaries.

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