Pakistani held for cannibalism after eating baby

A Pakistani man was arrested Monday on suspicion of cannibalism when the head of a newborn baby was found at his home -- three years after he was jailed for the same offence.

`Vampire` father eats daughter`s flesh in PNG

PNG is a sprawling nation where black magic, sorcery and cannibalism sometimes occur.

US cop turned `cannibal` because of Cameron Diaz

A New York City cop said that he’s “experienced erotic arousal when imagining women being kidnapped.

Anyone wants to be killed, cooked, eaten? Man held

The suspected cannibal was arrested in Slovakia.

Australia: He `slaughtered` and then drank blood

Robert Ian Logan slit his housemate`s throat and then drank his blood.

Fearsome T.rex was a cannibal

Palaeontologists have revealed that Tyrannosaurus rex hunted its own species too sometimes.

Cannibal star is devouring a planet: Astronomers

Like the Roman god Saturn who ate his own children, a star 600 light years from Earth is slowly gobbling up one of its own planets, according to a study released on Wednesday in Nature, the British science journal.