Post-election wave of Iraq attacks kills 74

A post-election wave of attacks across Iraq, including car bombings in Baghdad and a northern city, killed at least 74 people, officials said Thursday.

Separate attacks across Iraq kill 10

Attacks across Iraq killed at least 10 people on Sunday, officials said.

Six killed in Iraq bombing

At least six people were killed Thursday and 33 others wounded in a coordinated suicide bombing and two car bombings in Salahudin province of Iraq, police source said.

Attacks across Iraq kill at least 31: Officials

Iraqi officials have raised the death toll in the day`s attacks across the country to 31.

Baghdad car bombings in Iraq kill 33

At least 33 people were killed and dozens wounded in a series of car bombings in the Iraqi capital Thursday, police said.

Wave of car bombings target Iraqi Shi`ites, 60 dead

Car bombs ripped through busy streets and markets in Iraq on Monday, killing at least 60 people in predominantly Shi`ite areas in some of the deadliest violence since Sunni insurgents stepped up attacks this year.

Bombs on outskirts of Baghdad kill six

Iraqi authorities say two morning bomb attacks on the outskirts of Baghdad have killed six, as the death toll from a wave of car bombings in the capital the night before jumped to 57.

Bombs, clashes kill at least 54 in Iraq: Officials

Insurgents unleashed a new wave of attacks today in Iraq, killing at least 47 people, officials said, the latest in a surge in violence across the country that has raised concerns over a return to sectarian bloodshed.

Death toll in Turkish bombings rises to 46

An official says the death toll in a pair of car bomb attacks in a Turkish town near the Syrian border has increased to 46.

Serial car bombings in Iraq: 3 killed, 53 wounded

At least three people were killed and 53 wounded when two suicide car bombers and a car bomb struck Kurdish security forces in Iraq`s northern city of Kirkuk on Wednesday, medical and police sources told Xinhua.