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Richard III discovery brought GBP 59 million to Leicester

The discovery of the remains of King Richard III at a car park in Leicester raked in more than 59 million pounds for the city's economy, from the time of the discovery to the reinterment, according to a new study.

Angry wife leaves cheating hubby and twin sister stark naked in car park

A scorned wife took her revenge on her husband who cheated on her with her own twin sister, by leaving them both in a busy car park, completely naked.

Skeleton found in UK car park dig confirmed as English king Richard III

Ending months of speculation, scientists on Monday confirmed that the skeleton found beneath a car park here indeed belongs to 15th-century King Richard III, the most notorious monarch in English history.

Forgot where you parked your car? Try the new student’s finder app

A second-year computer science student at Melbourne University, who created an application to help people remember where they left the car or saw the perfect pair of shoes, has won the third place in a national awards scheme.