Online car lease racket busted, 2 arrested in TN

Beware of online advertisements offering attractive returns on leasing of cars.

5 policemen shot in Libya during car theft

Libyan gunmen have shot and killed five policemen in the capital, Tripoli, security officials said.

Three autolifters arrested in Delhi

With the arrest of three persons, police on Friday claimed to have busted a gang of auto lifters and recovered four stolen vehicles.

Brother-duo arrested for vehicle thefts in Delhi

Two brothers allegedly involved in at least 13 cases of vehicle theft were arrested in central Delhi, police said today.

Soumya murder accused let off in car theft case

Two gangsters and key accused in
the sensational murders of TV journalist Soumya Vishwanathan have been let off by a Delhi court in a vehicle theft case on grounds of several unexplained "inconsistencies" in police probe.