China reports 5 per cent drop in carbon intensity

China, the biggest greenhouse gas emitter, today said it has registered a 5 per cent drop in its carbon intensity after the world's second largest economy made further structural re-adjustment to improve growth quality.

India should go solar to bring down carbon emissions: British envoy on climate change
India should go solar to bring down carbon emissions: British envoy on climate change

British special representative on climate change Sir David King has said India should adopt the solar energy route to bring down carbon emissions, without compromising on its developmental goals. Sir King said, on a mass scale, solar energy would be economical to coal-fired thermal energy.

Study shows carbon emissions of downloaded PlayStation 3 games

 Game files downloaded over broadband internet are causing more greenhouse gas emissions than Blu-ray discs delivered via retail stores, a new study has found.

Eat less meat to achieve global food security
Eat less meat to achieve global food security

Moderating meat consumption and cutting down on food waste are keys to reducing the dangerous effects of climate change and ensure there is enough food for all, says a significant study.

India has right to grow, carbon emissions may rise: Prakash Javadekar

Prakash Javadekar, India`s Environment minister has taken a bold stand on the carbon emissions issue and stated a stark and inevitable truth.Though he emphasised on the fact that India is committed to reduce carbon emissions, it may increase in the process of development and poverty eradication.

Climate action to save thousands of lives: White House

The White House said Friday proposed US action against climate change would save thousands of lives by reducing asthma, heat-related illnesses and other health hazards.

Climate talks: `Raise your voice, not sea level` – UN

The United Nations seized World Environment Day today to demand action on climate change to protect small island states threatened by rising seas, drought and floods.

World`s first electric aircraft E-Fan takes flight

World`s first ever electric aircraft has successfully taken its maiden voyage. This electric aircraft called `E-Fan` is the latest creation of Toulouse-based Airbus.

Moon to brighten up your night life?

What if moon emits enough light to make the night sky brighter so that you do not need to switch on power to illuminate roads and streets?

UN climate chief urges `bold` carbon-curbing steps

The UN climate chief today called on governments to take bold steps to tame carbon emissions after a landmark report said the worldwide aim to limit global warming was still attainable.

Causes, consequences of global climate warming 56 mn years ago revealed

Researchers are studying the causes and consequences of global climate warming that took place 56 million years ago.

EU cuts CO2 emissions for vans by 28 per cent

The European Parliament signed off today on new carbon dioxide restrictions for commercial vans that will slash emissions by 28 per cent from 2020.

Quick recipe for producing cheaper hydrogen discovered

Scientists have discovered a quick-cook recipe for copious volumes of hydrogen (H2).

UK official backs Indian stand on carbon emissions cuts

Stating that developing countries like India were right in asking for a differentiated treatment on cutting down of carbon footprint, a top British official today said negotiators should be more "pragmatic" and help find consensus by 2015.

Repeal of Australia`s carbon tax moves closer

A bill to abolish an Australian carbon tax designed to combat climate change cleared parliament`s lower house Thursday with the new conservative government saying "it doesn`t work".

EU on track for climate targets

The European Union is on track to meet its 2020 targets for reducing carbon emissions and switching to cleaner energy sources, its environmental watchdog said Wednesday.

First-ever global deal struck on airline CO2 emissions

A first-ever global deal on curbing the airline industry`s rising carbon emissions was agreed Friday, the International Civil Aviation Organization said, though hammering out the details could take years.

WWF opens nominations for Climate Solver awards

Environment advocacy group World Wildlife Fund-India Friday invited nominations from small and medium enterprises for its Climate Solver Awards 2013.

Set to meet 2020 carbon emissions target: US

The US is on the way to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and by 2020 it will reduce it by 17 percent from what it was in 2005, a government report said.

US to limit emissions at new power plants

The US Environmental Protection Agency proposed Friday to limit carbon dioxide emissions from new power plants, in a bid to implement President Barack Obama`s plan to fight climate change.