UK official backs Indian stand on carbon emissions cuts

Stating that developing countries like India were right in asking for a differentiated treatment on cutting down of carbon footprint, a top British official today said negotiators should be more "pragmatic" and help find consensus by 2015.

Kolkata needs Rs 10000 crore investment to check carbon footprint

At a time when West Bengal aspires to make Kolkata comparable to London, it has apparently got something in common with some other UK cities in terms of spending on energy bills.

India needs to reduce carbon footprint: PM

India is among countries that will be most seriously hit by climate change and technological innovation was needed to cut carbon emissions, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Friday.

More decisive action needed on clean energy: Ministers

The clamour for more decisive action on clean energy grew louder at the fourth energy ministers meet here with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asking developed nations to take a larger role in reducing carbon footprint.

Red meat reduction lowers heart disease, carbon footprint

Minimising the consumption of red and processed meat would not only lower the incidence of heart disease, diabetes, and bowel cancer by three to 12 percent.

Eating wisely can lower carbon footprint: Study

Consumers can help curb greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the quantity of food they buy, serve and waste, a study says.

What is carbon footprint of your gadget?

Google has Invested $5 billion on an offshore wind farm to reduce the company`s carbon emissions.