Australian PM introduces bill to repeal carbon tax

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has reintroduced legislation to the Australian Parliament that would repeal a carbon tax that the nation`s worst greenhouse gas polluters have to pay.

Repeal of Australia`s carbon tax moves closer

A bill to abolish an Australian carbon tax designed to combat climate change cleared parliament`s lower house Thursday with the new conservative government saying "it doesn`t work".

EU to keep carbon tax on airlines

The European Union will maintain its carbon tax imposed on airlines operating in its airspace, the Danish climate minister said today, despite retaliatory trade measures by China.

EU imposes carbon taxes on airlines

All airlines flying to EU countries, are now obliged to get permits to cover their carbon emissions for the whole length of a flight.

Australia’s new carbon tax scheme for polluters

Australia unveiled its most sweeping economic reform in decades with a plan to tax carbon emissions.

Australia PM warns polluters` days over

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard came out swinging on her contentious pollution tax.

Europe still split over carbon tax at border

European leaders remained divided over whether or not to slap a carbon tax at EU borders at a two-day EU summit that wound up Friday.

Sarkozy scrambles to salvage carbon tax

French President Nicolas Sarkozy faced an embarrassing setback Wednesday after the High Court struck down a planned carbon tax to fight global warming, just days before it was to kick in.

Sarkozy unveils new French carbon tax

French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday unveiled a new carbon tax to help combat global warming, calling it a "fiscal revolution" and overriding strong public opposition to the plan.