Carey Mulligan happy to be home

Actress Carey Mulligan says there is something special about working in her hometown and that it is refreshing to see her family after a long day on set here.

Theatre role is brilliant: Carey Mulligan

`The Great Gatsby` star Carey Mulligan says she was happy to take a role in stage show `Skylight`.

Mulligan finds lack of good female roles in films

Actress Carey Mulligan was happy to take on a role in stage show “Skylight” because of the lack of brilliant female roles in film.

Carey Mulligan ruined her Oscars gown

Carey Mulligan once got drunk and ruined her Prada gown at the Oscars 2010 after being nominated for Best Actress.

`Inside Llewyn Davis` Review: Simply interesting!

Loosely based on the life of American folk singer Dave Van Ronk, directors Joel and Ethan Coen`s "Inside Llewyn Davis" is a fictional piece that is a fitting tribute to a period and place, which is at the crossroads of cultural change.

`The Great Gatsby` audition craziest: Carey Mulligan

British actress Carey Mulligan says her audition for `The Great Gatsby` was her "craziest" ever.

Carey Mulligan `front-runner` to play Hillary Clinton in new biopic

Carey Mulligan is one of the lead actresses being considered for the lead role in ` Rodham ` - Hillary Clinton`s biopic.

Carey Mulligan intimidated by `The Great Gatsby` role

Carey Mulligan found playing Daisy Buchanan in `The Great Gatsby` intimidating because her character is so different.

Carey Mulligan to star in `Far From The Madding Crowd`

Carey Mulligan is set to star in `Far From The Madding Crowd`.

Carey Mulligan hates being in spotlight

Carey Mulligan has admitted that she feels overwhelmed when she is surrounded by press and feels `freaked out` when people look at her.

Never aspired to play beautiful character: Carey Mulligan

Actress Carey Mulligan never aimed to play "beautiful" characters, such as the glamorous Daisy Buchanan in ‘The Great Gatsby’.

I never get recognised: Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan says no one recognises her at public places, but her husband Marcus Mumford receives attention from fans.

`The Great Gatsby` role was tricky: Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan believes her role in the upcoming film `The Great Gatsby` was tricky as her character constantly contradicted itself.

Carey Mulligan monitored by security on `Great Gatsby`

Carey Mulligan was monitored by security guards during filming of ‘The Great Gatsby’ in case she ran off with the millions of pounds worth of jewellery her character wore.

Carey Mulligan never had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio

Carey Mulligan says she did not have a crush on her ‘The Great Gatsby’ co-star Leonardo DiCaprio when she was a teenager, even though he was a heartthrob back then.

Carey Mulligan got terrified while auditioning for `The Great Gatsby`

Carey mulligan has revealed that she was afraid when she learned that she had to give two auditions for ` The Great Gatsby` in two days and when she was asked to read with Leonardo DiCaprio on the first day.

Carey Mulligan bagged `Gatsby` role after kissing Leo during audition

Carey Mulligan locked her role as the enigmatic Daisy Buchanan in ` The Great Gatsby` with a kiss.

Fashionaholic Isla Fisher plotted to steal vintage `Gatsby` costumes

Actress Isla Fisher says she and her co-star Carey Mulligan were so obsessed with the 1920s vintage dresses they wore for `The Great Gatsby` that they attempted to smuggle them out of the sets.

I am prudish about my body, says Carey Mulligan

The ‘Great Gatsby’ star Carey Mulligan, who is quite used to stripping off for the cameras, says she is quite shy about showing off her charms in everyday life.

Stripping off in movies helps deal with my body issues, says Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan, who has got naked in the films `And When Did You Last See Your Father?` `An Education` and `Shame,` as well as in the stage play `Through A Glass Darkly`, has said that she is quite shy about showing off her charms in everyday life.