North Korea ship damaged Mexican coral reefs

A North Korean cargo ship damaged nearly an acre (0.37 hectare) of coral reefs off Mexico`s eastern coast when it ran aground two weeks ago, Mexican authorities said Tuesday.

Orbital launches cargo ship to space station

Orbital Sciences Corporation today launched its unmanned Cygnus cargo carrier on a journey to resupply the astronauts living aboard the International Space Station.

US ship heads to Italy to load Syrian chemical weapons

The US cargo ship MV Cape Ray left the Spanish port of Rota on Wednesday and headed for Italy, where it will load Syrian chemical weapons materials to be destroyed.

Cargo ship sinks, 11 missing near Hong Kong: Officials

Authorities launched an air and sea rescue operation today to find 11 crew members from a Chinese cargo ship after it collided with another vessel and sank just outside Hong Kong`s teeming waters.

Coast Guard rescues stranded crew

Indian Coast Guard has rescued five crew members of a cargo ship who were stranded in mid sea since April 5 due to an engine snag.

Cargo ship sinks off South Korea, 11 North Korean crew missing

A Mongolian-flagged cargo ship has sunk off the southern coast of South Korea, with most of the 16 North Korean crew members on board missing, South Korean coast guard officials said on Friday.

Three dead, two missing in Spain boat crash: Officials

Three fishermen were killed and two were missing after a giant cargo ship crashed into their trawler off northern Spain on Tuesday, officials said.

Nine Chinese missing after cargo ships collide off Japan

Nine Chinese crew members were missing after two cargo chips collided at the mouth of Tokyo Bay, Japan`s coastguard said.

China to launch cargo ship into space by 2016

China is expected to launch a cargo ship into space around 2016 to serve the Tiangong-2 space laboratory, a leading space scientist said Sunday.

Coast Guard rescues cargo ship in Lakshadweep

The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) on Monday rescued a cargo vessel, with six persons on board, which had lost communication while on its way to Minicoy in Lakshadweep.

Norway: Cargo ship on fire in North Sea; 32 aboard

Norway`s rescue service says a cargo ship with 32 people aboard is on fire in the North Sea and an attempt to evacuate it has been called off because of stormy weather.

Cargo ship hits seawall off South Korea, nine dead

A cargo ship hit a seawall off South Korea`s southeastern coast and partly sank in an accident that killed nine crew members and left two missing, coast guard officers said.

Search for 18 foreign crew of MV Bingo cargo ship continues

Indian Coast Guard has deployed a ship and Dornier aircrafts for search of 18 crews who have abandoned a cargo ship, MV Bingo.

Cyclone Phailin: Cargo ship feared to have sunk, crew members spotted

A cargo ship was feared to have sunk in rough seas caused by Cyclone Phailin off the coast of West Bengal, but the crew were spotted in a lifeboat by a Coast Guard Dornier aircraft on Sunday.

61 tonnes of silver salvaged from sunk British vessel

US treasure-hunter Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc announced that it recovered more than 61 tonnes of silver from a British cargo ship that sank in 1941.

10 crew members rescued from cargo ship off Maharashtra

Ten crew members were rescued from an Indian cargo ship which drifted and got stuck off the Konkan coast at Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, police said on Monday.

Eight dead as ship sinks off Colombia coast

Colombian rescuers saved 14 people and recovered eight bodies after a cargo ship sank in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Colombia.

Somali pirates free ship after nearly 2 years

A pirate commander in Somalia says that a cargo ship was freed after being held captive for nearly two years.

Japan inspects ship suspected of North Korea links

Japanese custom authorities found goods with marks showing that they were manufactured in North Korea, including aluminium and steel products.

US searches cargo ship for stowaways

The ship made one stop in Pakistan, two in India and final one in Egypt on June 15.