Driverless cars to be launched on UK streets

In a first, Britain is set to introduce driverless cars on its streets - and the vehicles will share the pavement with pedestrians.

 Clashes flare at pro-Morsi march in Egyptian city, one dead

A high school student was killed when opponents and supporters of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi clashed in the city of Suez on Wednesday night, medical and security sources said.

 Kiwi Facebook pages operating as black-market for consumer goods

The New Zealand police has reportedly uncovered a string of Kiwi Facebook pages which operate as a black-market for stolen-to-order consumer goods including car parts and firearms.

 Iran to take Chinese subway cars for oil

A senior Iranian official says the country has ordered 315 subway cars from China in place of payment for oil that can`t be transferred due to sanctions.

 Cars` Internet connectivity poses cyber attack threat

With the cars becoming more powered and connected to the Internet and operated by computers, the risk of cyber attacks have arisen.

Chandhok`s team qualifies 6th on grid on GT Series debut

Making his debut in the FIA GT series, Karun Chandhok helped his side Seyffarth Motorsport earn sixth position on the grid after starting the qualifying race in 11th position with teammate Jan Seyffarth.

 Cars, two-wheelers to cost more in Haryana

Cars and two-wheelers in Haryana will now cost more as the state government on Friday decided to hike road tax.

 Cars could be next target of cyber attacks

Researchers have suggested that cars could one day become the victim of cyber attacks that will compromise electronic systems and endanger passenger safety.

`Jack Reacher` director bonded with Tom Cruise over vintage cars

Before signing Tom Cruise for his forthcoming movie `Jack Reacher`, director Christopher Mcquarrie says he bonded with the Hollywood star over vintage cars, especially his Cadillac.

 Drive against tinted glasses on Delhi cars from Friday

Come Friday, 50 teams of the Delhi traffic police will be stationed in the capital to crack the whip on vehicles with tinted glasses.