Soon, biofuel made from whiskey to power cars

A start-up firm in Scotland will soon be manufacturing biofuel made from whisky by-products, which could be used as a direct alternative for fossil-derived fuel.

 New techs can cut car fuel consumption

New technologies can reduce friction in cars, which is responsible for no less than one third of fuel consumption.

 Rs 1.9 cr sanctioned for cars of distt judges

The decision was taken at the cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Arjun Munda, said Cabinet Secretary Aditya Swaroop.

 Maha raises upper limit to buy cars for ministers

Maharashtra Government has raised
upper limit for purchase of official cars for ministers from existing Rs 7 lakh to Rs 15 lakh.

 11 cars torched in German capital

Police say they
are looking into a political motive behind the torching of

 Cars that can see and communicate to prevent crash

The MIT are working on a new ITS algorithm that incorporates models of human driving patterns to warn drivers of potential collisions and that ultimately takes control of the vehicle if needed to prevent traffic accidents.

 Coming soon - cars that use exhaust heat to up fuel efficiency

Modern automobile engines are inefficient at harnessing energy, with almost two thirds of the energy wasted as heat.

 Now, fuel made from Cornish pasties to power cars!

A UK green fuel firm has announced its plans to make biodiesel from Cornish pasties to power cars.

 Stronger than steel `paper` to make cars!

GP is a material that can be processed and reformed from its original raw material state - graphite.

 Lasers to replace spark plugs in cars

Car engines could soon be fired by eco-friendly and energy-efficient lasers.