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India has the perfect answer to NYT's controversial cartoon mocking ISRO!

India has the perfect answer to NYT's controversial cartoon mocking ISRO!

ISRO has created history and set a world record by successfully launching 104 satellites into space on one rocket in a single go.

Now, Uddhav Thackeray apologises for cartoon lampooning Marathas

Cartoonist Shreenivas Prabhudesai had apologized for the cartoon which had unleashed a wave of anger and protests among the powerful Maratha community in Maharashtra.

Racist much? Australian daily's cartoon shows Indians eating solar panels!

Racist much? Australian daily's cartoon shows Indians eating solar panels!

The said cartoon depicts an emaciated Indian family breaking up solar panels and one person trying to eat them with 'mango chutney'.

Media house attacked over derogatory cartoon in Maharashtra

Media house attacked over derogatory cartoon in Maharashtra

The editor of the newspaper offered an apology for the mistake and assured to take appropriate action against people guilty.

Iranian woman jailed for 12 years for drawing satirical cartoons

 A Tehran court has sentenced a woman artist to 12 years in prison for drawing satirical cartoons of Iran`s parliamentarians who approved restricting women`s access to birth control, media reported on Wednesday.

Mohammad cartoonist says US police killing of two gunmen 'justice'

For the cartoonist whose portrait of Mohammad won a Texas contest, the police killing of two gunmen outside the meeting place was justice. “They came to kill us and died for it. Justice," artist Bosch Fawstin tweeted on Monday.

Texas police outlines events at Muhammad cartoon event shooting

Texas police outlined Monday the sequence of events when two suspected Islamist gunmen attempted to assault an event organized by an anti-Muslim group to showcase cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed.

US police shoot suspected jihadists in new cartoon attack

A Texas traffic policeman shot dead two suspected Islamist gunmen with his pistol after they opened fire with assault rifles and tried to storm an event staged by an anti-Muslim group, police said Monday.

White House says no justification for Texas shooting

The White House on Monday said there could be no justification for a fatal attack on an anti-Muslim group`s meeting in Texas.

Timeline of Muhammad cartoons controversy

The Texas police shooting of two suspected Islamist extremists who opened fire outside an exhibition of Prophet Mohammed cartoons is the latest in a series of deadly incidents linked to such caricatures.

Dutch lawmaker Wilders on mission to stop `Islamisation`

Far-right Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, who addressed participants at a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas before a shooting erupted outside the event, believes he is on a mission to stop the "Islamisation" of the West.

Dutch far-right politician `shocked` by Texas shooting

Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders said Sunday he was "shocked" by the shooting outside a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas that he attended.

Calcutta HC upholds compensation for Toongate professor

The Calcutta High Court on Tuesday upheld the West Bengal Human Rights Commission's recommendation to pay compensation to Jadavpur University professor Ambikesh Mahapatra who was arrested in 2012 for circulating e-mails mocking Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Copenhagen police detain two suspected of aiding gunman

Copenhagen police detain two suspected of aiding gunman

 Copenhagen police said on Monday they had detained two men suspected of aiding a gunman who killed two people in twin attacks in the Danish capital over the weekend.

Iran protesters chant `Death to France` over cartoon

More than 2,000 Iranians protested Monday outside the French embassy in Tehran, chanting "Death to France" and urging the ambassador be expelled because of a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed.

Turkish daily braves Muslim backlash to print Charlie Hebdo cartoons

A leading Turkish daily on Wednesday printed excerpts from the first issue of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo since Islamist gunmen killed 12 people in an attack on its offices, defying a growing outcry in the Islamic world over the edition.

Muslim scholars condemn latest Charlie Hebdo prophet cartoon

 A leading association of Muslim academics has criticised the decision by French weekly Charlie Hebdo to publish a new cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed, claiming it would "stir up hatred".

Charlie Hebdo terror attack: Would you want a world where you can't draw a cartoon?

We live in extraordinary times. These days, people get killed for making cartoons! Living in India, one is nearly psychologically inured to hearing news of terror attacks, thanks largely to the perseveringly malicious elements planted in our neighbourhood.

Renowned cartoon voice star Christine Cavanaugh dies aged 51

 Christine Cavanaugh, the legendary voice star who had lent her voice to ' Babe' the pig and Dexter from 'Dexter's Laboratory,' has died. She was 51.

Missing Disney cartoon from 1927 discovered

A missing Disney cartoon from 1927 has been discovered by Norwegian archivists.