10 things women need to succeed
10 things women need to succeed

Shachi Irde, Executive Director, Catalyst, India lists a few things that need to change for working women

Brendan Rodgers hopes Liverpool can feed off adversity
Brendan Rodgers hopes Liverpool can feed off adversity

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers wants his faltering players to use their disappointing start to the season as a catalyst for a revival in fortunes.

New catalyst could improve biofuels production

Researchers have developed a new catalyst that could lead to inexpensive and more efficient biofuels.

Wonder enzyme that works without water

In a breakthrough that may eventually lead to the development of new industrial catalysts for processing biodiesel, researchers at University of Bristol have created an enzyme which can exist as a liquid without any solvent.

Carbon dioxide can be future fuel source

In a significant breakthrough, scientists have synthesised a catalyst that improves the system for converting waste carbon dioxide into syngas -- a precursor of gasoline and other energy-rich products.

Catalyst converts bio-diesel waste into valuable chemicals

Palladium-gold nanoparticles are not only excellent catalysts for cleaning polluted water, but can also convert biodiesel waste into valuable chemicals, researchers say.

Lawmaker urges hearing on `derogatory` Redskins name

A veteran US lawmaker Friday called for a congressional hearing on the Washington Redskins name, arguing such action could serve as a "catalyst" to rid American football of a term regarded as overtly racist by many.

Favourite` McIlroy says 2011 Masters `meltdown` was `catalyst` for major wins

Northern Irish golf ace Rory McIlroy has insisted that he is not worried by his 2011 US Masters `meltdown` as it was the catalyst for two major titles.

Scientists develop most potent homogeneous catalyst known for water oxidation

Reports indicate that Emory University chemists in US have developed the most potent homogeneous catalyst known for water oxidation, considered a crucial component for generating clean hydrogen fuel using water and sunlight.