Justin Bieber celebrates 20th b`day with family

Justin Bieber`s father Jeremy, flew to his new home in Atlanta, Georgia with his other kids, Jazmyn, five, and Jaxon, four, to help him mark his 20th birthday on Saturday.

Twitter celebrates 5th anniv of its public debut

Today is 5 years since the incredibly popular real-time messaging service, Twitter, fully opened to the public.

Liz celebrates beauty through generations

Elizabeth Hurley looks fabulous even in late 40s.

Payal Jain celebrates elements of nature

Designer Payal Jain paid homage to the five elements of nature – earth, fire, water, air and void (space). The show was divided into five parts, dealing with five colour and print stories.

Taylor celebrates 20 million sales in London

Taylor Swift ended her European tour on a celebratory note: Not only did she perform in front of thousands of fans, she got an honour for reaching the 20 million mark in worldwide album sales.

Michelle Obama celebrates her birthday

Michelle Obama celebrated her birthday with a quiet dinner on Monday.

LiLo celebrates 100 days of sobriety

Lindsay Lohan is successfully celebrating 100th day of her sobriety.

Miley Cyrus celebrates 18th b’day with a bong

Miley Cyrus has been video taped celebrating her 18th birthday by experimenting with a bong.

Mickey Mouse celebrates his 82nd birthday

Walt Disney’s cartoon character Mickey Mouse has turned 82.

Rascal Flatts celebrates first decade

Gary, Jay and Joe were magnets for criticism when they formed Rascal Flatts.

‘Out of work’ lass Esha Deol celebrates 29th birthday!

Yesteryears superstar Dharmendra and Hema Malini’s darling daughter Esha Deol celebrates her 29th birthday on 2nd November 2010.

Sophia Loren celebrates 76th birthday with award

Sophia Loren, who celebrated her 76th birthday Monday, has been chosen to receive a prestigious Japanese award for her work in cinema.

Kerala celebrates Krishna Jayanthi

Sree Krishna Jayanthi was
celebrated in Kerala on Wednesday with special poojas in temples and
colourful pageantries across the state in which hundreds of
children dressed as Krishna participated.

Mumbai celebrates Gudi Padwa

`Gudi Padwa`, the first day of the
Chaitra month and New Year`s Day in Maharashtra, was on Tuesday
celebrated with traditional fervour and pomp in Mumbai.

Himachal celebrates 40th statehood day

Himachal Pradesh celebrated its
40th statehood day on Monday with Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal
highlighting the rapid progress made by the hill state during
the period.

Germany celebrates memory of Berlin Wall falling

With concerts and memorials on Monday, Germans will celebrate the day the Berlin Wall came crashing down 20 years ago.