What to eat?

There is a lot of good food to grab during the navratri time in the city. Traditional delicacies are usually rich in flavor and calories at the same time!

What to wear?

How to get the fusion look this navratri. Since navratri is a festival of colors, celebrations, god and galore…

Where to go?

The capital city of Delhi which is home to people from all parts of the country has a vibrant fair through the days of navratri.

Celebrating Navratri in 9 different ways!

It’s that time of the year when the sounds of dhol and the clapping of dandiya sticks are heard and feet tapping music gets you grooving to some of the most delectable numbers from Bollywood. Decked up in colourful desiattires one gets to feel India within - a nation which celebrates Navratri (meaning nine nights) amidst much pomp and show.