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Cell phone use might lead to feeling less socially connected

Cell phone use might lead to feeling less socially connected

If you think that access to constant communication keeps you closer to your family, you might have the wrong impression as a new study has shown that cell phone use might actually lead to feeling less socially connected.

No mobile coverage in about 55,669 villages so far: Prasad

Even after 20 years of launch of mobile services in the country, around 55,669 villages do not have mobile coverage till now.

Half of Americans can't go a day without cell phone: survey

The Bank of America Trends in Consumer Mobility Report was based on telephone surveys of 1,000 smartphone users.

Pakistan blocks Afghan cell phone roaming facility

Concerned over the misuse of Afghan SIM cards in terrorist activities in Pakistan, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has ordered blocking of its roaming facility in the country with immediate effect.

Your cell phone may influence your bonding with people

The presence of a mobile phone can also make a meeting between two strangers more stilted, 'LiveScience' reported.

'Uttar Pradesh,Tamil Nadu have most cell phone users in India'

India, which is the world's second largest mobile phone market in terms of subscribers, had a total of 861.66 million mobile connections as on February 2013, data from telecom regulator Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) showed.

Now, concept car that turns into a mobile cinema

The concept turns a cell phone into an integral part of the car and then the car into a moving cinema.

Cell phone - the new tool for data collection

Researchers can garner vast amounts of information bearing on pollution, epidemics, transportation.

Cell phone batteries to recharge in 15 minutes

Scientists are closer to developing a cell phone battery that will take just 15 minutes to recharge and last more than a week.

No conclusive link between cell phone use, cancer: Pulitzer winner

There is no link between cell phones use and brain cancer, says Pulitzer winner Siddhartha Mukherjee.

Now, a cell phone with `panic button`

New technology includes special application that can be activated if the smartphone is confiscated.

App to convert cell phone into personal concert speaker!

Researchers developed an app that could convert your mobile phone into a personal concert speaker.

Now, watch 3-D films on your cell phone!

The technique computes the films down to low data rates while maintaining quality: H.264/AVC.

Universal cell phone charger in 2011!

The 14 most prominent mobile manufacturers have been sent details by the European Commission of a new standard for charger that will be useable across a range of smart phones.

How to prevent cell phone malfunctions

With cases of cell phone batteries overheating increasing, it is vital to keep the phones safe and an expert has revealed how.

A girl uses iPod to prevent kidnapping

A quick-thinking 12-year-old girl in the US prevented herself from being kidnapped when she held up her iPod Touch - a music player which looks like a phone - and told the would-be kidnapper she was calling the police.

Cell phone remote controls voice recognition

Ever wanted to control your mobile phone while it was still in your pocket?

Now, cell phone that is as loud as vuvuzela

The Amplicom M6000 lets out sound at a massive 110 decibels - noisier than a heavy rock concert.

Soon, t-shirts to power your cell phone as you jog

You will soon be able to recharge your phone or music player while jogging.