Bihar panchayat bans jeans and mobiles for girls

A village panchayat in Bihar's Gopalganj district has, in a diktat, banned girls from wearing jeans and using mobile phones as these increase the chance of the girls "going astray".

US using fake cellphone towers on planes to gather data: Report

An agency of the US Justice Department is gathering data from thousands of cell phones, including both criminal suspects and innocent Americans, by using fake communications towers on airplanes, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

Missed calls, the Indian way

Recently, I was having a conversation with some of my friends about ‘missed calls’, a term that may be alien to many people across the world, but not to Indians for sure. What struck me was the amazement that some of them displayed about many of us considering this as a means of communication.

More cell phones seized from Cherlapalli prison in Hyderabad

Ten more cell phones were today seized from the Central Prison, Cherlapalli here during the searches conducted by the jail authorities.

Women hooked to texting, men can't live without Facebook

Contrary to the traditional view that men are more invested in technology, a new study found that more young women are addicted to cell phones and even get agitated when it is not in sight.

New device brings wireless charging to cell phones, laptops

Researchers have designed a new device for wireless energy transfer that can charge mobile phones or laptops without using cables.

Cell phones can be charged using sound

Soon you can use traffic noise, music, chants from a football ground and even your own voice to charge your cell phone!

Cops will now have to trace your stolen mobile phone

Have you lost your mobile phone? Don’t just block your SIM but rush to the nearest police station and lodge an FIR as it is compulsory for cops to not only lodge a complaint but also trace and recover it.

Mobile radiation not harmful: Health experts and doctors

A group of health experts and doctors have come together on the same platform to dispel fears of harmful effects of radiation from mobile phones and towers.

Kerala Assembly to install new jammer to block cell phones

Kerala Speaker G Karthikeyan Friday said things have changed with the advent of 3G technology and mobiles were active inside the state assembly.

Beware! Cell phones can cause skin allergies

Mobile phones have actually made our lives easy, but it has also brought with it a lot many troubles. A new study has found that cellphones release metals which can induce skin allergies.

Coming, a battery that runs on sugar

Cell phones, tablets, video games and electronic gadgets to run on sugar in next three years? Sweet on ears, truly.

Now, get extreme weather alerts on cell phones

In a path-breaking discovery, a system has been developed through which extreme weather alerts on your mobile phone can avert casualties.

Soon, `self-healing` batteries that may never wear out

Researchers have created the first battery electrode that is capable of healing itself.

No proof of health risks from cell phones, network towers: WHO

The radiation from cellular phones and their network towers pose no health risk and any impact which these could have on health were minor, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has clarified.

Soon, cell phones that recharge themselves in seconds

Scientists have designed a novel super-capacitor that could help develop cell phones that recharge themselves in seconds and work for weeks.

An app to access cell phones remotely

Kerala start-up company Livares Technologies has come out with a new application PhoneAway that enables users to access their mobile phones remotely.

`Using Google Glass while driving could lead to accidents`

New apps are looking to pair Google Glass with cars in an effort to help drivers even as state and local governments have banned texting or using handheld cell phones while driving.

Avoid using mobile while driving: Sarah Harding

British pop star Sarah Harding has urged fans to learn from her mistakes and avoid using cell phones while driving.

Another Bihar panchayat bans cell phones for girls

The panchayat in Siwan district, around 150 km from here, has also threatened to impose heavy fine on the girls` families if they violated the diktat, he said.