Indian-origin engineer discovers new green power source

Researchers led by an Indian-origin scientist have developed a novel technology that harnesses electrical energy from blue-green algae that could be used to power cell phones and computers in future.

Call drop penalty norms fraught with glitches: Analysts
Call drop penalty norms fraught with glitches: Analysts

The Indian telecom watchdog's decision to penalise mobile phone service providers for call drops is fraught with glitches as it ignores issues like technical hurdles in assigning reasons, poor spectrum policy and obstacles in roll-out of towers, analysts maintain.

New technology to make cellphone batteries cheaper

Lithium-ion batteries, ubiquitous in devices ranging from cell phones to laptop computers and electric cars, may soon have a cheaper and sustainable alternative as researchers have shown that potassium can work with graphite in a potassium-ion battery.

Rae Bareli jailor attacked by prison inmates

Prisoners lodged in Uttar Pradesh`s Rae Bareli Jail attacked the jailor on Tuesday, leaving him seriously injured after he ordered an inspection of the inmates for contraband, officials said.

Indian-origin scientists develop new super-thin material
Indian-origin scientists develop new super-thin material

The new material spun out of boron, nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen shows evidence of magnetic, optical, and electrical properties as well as thermal sensitivity. 

Sri Lanka bans phones in safari park to save leopards

Sri Lanka's largest safari park banned the use of cell phones today to stop leopards and other wildlife being killed by speeding vehicles which have been tipped off about their whereabouts.

DNA: WiFi radiation can cause serious health issues, reveals research

WiFi radiation can cause serious health issues including brain tumour, reveals study conducted by researchers from top universities in India.

Zee Sting operation: Prisoners caught using cell phones in Rajasthan jail

Zee Media exposes corruption and clear insult of law at the Jhalawar jail in Rajasthan where the prisoners were seen using mobile phones allegedly provided by the police officials there for mere 500 rupees.

Cell phone-blocking tech lessens distracted driving among teens
Cell phone-blocking tech lessens distracted driving among teens

A new study has revealed that "distracted" adolescent-drivers are less likely to use phones or drive erratically when cameras and blocking programs are in place.

Biomechanical simulations show how cell phones stress muscles

Computer scientists have developed a procedure that simulates in a lifelike manner which muscles and joints are put under particular strain when using a computer or a cell phone.

Younger motorists, females likelier to use phones while driving

 A new research has revealed that younger motorists and females were more likely to use their cell phones while driving than the older motorists and males.

CIA gave cops secret technology to spy on cell phones

Empowered by a technology developed by the CIA, the US Justice Department uses secret airborne devices that mimic cellphone towers to track American citizens while hunting criminal suspects, a media report has said.

Bihar panchayat bans jeans and mobiles for girls

A village panchayat in Bihar's Gopalganj district has, in a diktat, banned girls from wearing jeans and using mobile phones as these increase the chance of the girls "going astray".

US using fake cellphone towers on planes to gather data: Report

An agency of the US Justice Department is gathering data from thousands of cell phones, including both criminal suspects and innocent Americans, by using fake communications towers on airplanes, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

Missed calls, the Indian way

Recently, I was having a conversation with some of my friends about ‘missed calls’, a term that may be alien to many people across the world, but not to Indians for sure. What struck me was the amazement that some of them displayed about many of us considering this as a means of communication.

More cell phones seized from Cherlapalli prison in Hyderabad

Ten more cell phones were today seized from the Central Prison, Cherlapalli here during the searches conducted by the jail authorities.

Women hooked to texting, men can't live without Facebook

Contrary to the traditional view that men are more invested in technology, a new study found that more young women are addicted to cell phones and even get agitated when it is not in sight.

New device brings wireless charging to cell phones, laptops

Researchers have designed a new device for wireless energy transfer that can charge mobile phones or laptops without using cables.

Cell phones can be charged using sound

Soon you can use traffic noise, music, chants from a football ground and even your own voice to charge your cell phone!

Cell phones can be charged using sound

The ultimate device generates five volts, which is enough to charge a phone.