New battery can charge cellphones in 6 minutes

Scientists have developed a new battery made with aluminium-filled capsules that could charge your cellphone in six minutes.

Parents feel guilty using cellphone while kids play: Study

If you spend a lot of time taking calls or texting friends while watching a game your kid is playing, the experience can actually make you feel guilty, says a new study.

Young women use cellphone more while driving
Young women use cellphone more while driving

 Female drivers are 1.63 times more likely to use a cell phone while driving than male motorists, finds a new study.

US man loses cell phone in grain pit, gets it back from Japan

Nine months after he lost his cell phone in a grain pit in Oklahoma, a US farmer has got it back from Japan.

Now, `micro-windmills` to power your cellphone

Researchers have developed tiny " micro-windmills" that they have claimed can potentially revive the dead batteries of your cellphone in just a few minutes.

New device to charge cellphones with car batteries

Out of battery? No worries, this device lets you charge your phone with a car battery!

Talking on cellphone while driving not as dangerous as believed

It has been a widely believed that talking on a cellphone while driving can be dangerous and lead to more accidents.

Cellphones, accessories recovered during prison search

A large number of cellphones and accessories were recovered from cells housing some convicts and prisoners of the 1998 serial bomb blasts during a routine check up in the Central prison here on Sunday, police said.

Now, cellphones can help you kick the butt

Support for quitting smoking via text and video messages can offer a low cost solution to kick the butt, according to a new study.

Cellphone users at higher risk of flu, diarrhoea, eye ailments

Your mobile phone can put you at a greater risk of various diseases as the device acts as dangerous breeding ground for bacteria, a new study has found.

College girl stripped to find if she has cellphone

In a shocking incident, a girl student
of a city college was allegedly stripped and searched by a
teacher who suspected her of carrying a cell phone.

`Talaq uttered by Muslim man on cellphone valid`

Talaq uttered thrice by a Muslim
man on a mobile phone will be considered valid even if his
wife is unable to hear it all the three times due to network
and other problems, a fresh fatwa has ruled.

Talaq uttered on cellphone valid, says fatwa

Talaq uttered thrice by a Muslim
man on a mobile phone will be considered valid even if his
wife is unable to hear it all the three times due to network
and other problems, a fresh fatwa has ruled.

Bangladesh tightens cellphone registration to curb crime

In an effort to curb misuse of
cellphones by criminals, the Bangladesh government has barred
youngsters under-18 from buying mobile SIM cards.

Nokia develops self-charging cellphone

Experts have come up with a cellphone that can recharge its own battery by harvesting energy from the owner`s motion.

Now control your cellphone using magnet magic

Researchers have developed a new technique that makes it possible to control a cellphone with moving a magnet around or near it.

New system combines video streams from multiple cellphone cameras

Microsoft researchers in Cairo have came up with a novel way to combine the video from multiple phones taken from the same scene into larger, more detailed footage to be broadcast live online.

MTS expects 25% of India revenues from data services in 3 yrs

The new mobile brand MTS is targetting a quarter of its India revenues from data services in the next three years.

Google to produce, sell `Nexus One` phone

In a strategic move, Google is planning to sell its cellphone directly to consumers.

Headley`s cellphone, apartment registered in dead persons name

LeT operative David Headley`s cellphone and his Chicago apartment were registered in the names of dead persons and investigations have found that he was leading a double life under directions from the Pakistan-based terror outfit.