HPV vaccine not linked to riskier sexual activity

 The sexual behaviour of teenaged girls does not appear to be impacted by the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, according to Canadian researchers.

WHO makes cervical cancer protection easier, cheaper

The World Health Organization introduced new cervical cancer guidelines Wednesday, making it easier and cheaper to protect women against one of the deadliest, but most preventable, diseases.

Inexpensive cervical cancer screening method devised

Researchers at a city hospital have found an inexpensive way to screen for cervical cancer by visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) method, which they state is as good as a pap smear test.

`It is now possible to prevent cervical cancer in women by vaccination`

Dr Meenakshi Ahuja, the director (Gynaecology & Obstetrics) Fortis La Femme talks with Shruti Saxena of ZeeNews.com about various aspects of cervical cancer.

Japanese mushroom extract kills off HPV in cervical cancer cells

Researchers have demonstrated that treating cervical cancer cells with Japanese mushroom extract active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) led to the eradication of human papillomavirus (HPV).

Brazil starts HPV vaccination program

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said the country was rolling out a vaccination program to protect five million 11-to 13-year-old girls against the human papilloma virus (HPV), which can cause cause cervical cancer.

Targeted drug raises hope for cervical cancer patients

There`s good news for patients suffering from cervical cancer, the second most common cancer in women.

New method promises longevity for cervical cancer sufferers

Researchers have found that women with advanced cervical cancer live about four months longer with the combined use of bevacizumab and chemotherapy compared to chemotherapy alone.

Common HIV drug can kill virus that causes cervical cancer

In a world-first clinical trial, scientists have found that a commonly-used HIV drug can kill off the human papilloma virus (HPV) that leads to cervical cancer.

Now, simple blood test to detect cervical cancer

A team of researchers have found a more convenient, less intrusive test for detecting and staging cervical cancer.

Simple test can detect cervical cancer

Scientists have found that using the heat profile from a person`s blood, called a plasma thermogram, can indicate the presence or absence of cervical cancer and also predict the stage of the disease.

Simple blood test can detect cervical cancer

In a ground-breaking research, scientists have confirmed a more convenient, non-invasive test for detecting and staging cervical cancer.

New cervical cancer analysis offers clues on role of HPV

Efforts to analyze the genome of cervical cancer has finally yielded some results and discoveries.

Men at equal risk of cervical cancer: Study

And you thought vaccination against cervical cancer is what only women need to deliberate upon? Wrong.

Vaccination key to combat cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women and is responsible for nearly 10 percent of cancer deaths in women - particularly in developing countries. In India, it kills over 74,000 women every year.

Genomic study of cervical cancer brings disease cure closer to reality

A team of researchers has completed a comprehensive genomic analysis of cervical cancer in two patient populations and has identified recurrent genetic mutations not previously found in the disease, including at least one for which targeted treatments have been approved for other forms of cancer.

India launches its indigenous cervical cancer screening device

Today India launched its first indigenously developed device for screening and early detection of cervical cancer.

New cancer cases rise to 14.1 million people worldwide: WHO

Around 14.1 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2012, according to a new report by the World Health Organisation.

Cervical cancer: Know all about the top cancer-killer among Indian women

Cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix or cancer of the entrance to the uterus (womb). It can also be defined as a type of cancer that happens in the cells of the cervix.

Cancer institutes recommend ways to promote research

Experts from leading cancers institutions, including AIIMS, submitted a set of recommendations to the Union Health Ministry demanding a part of the taxes coming from tobacco industry be reserved for cancer research.